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My crazy confusing body continued!....

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loulily27 Sat 20-Feb-16 13:18:58

So had af every month since dd was 2 months old despite exclusive breastfeeding! Since stopping at 9 months (3 cycles ago) have been long cycles. Last month 40 days! I did opk last month in prep for ttc in March and had ewcm and darker lines but not what I would call a positive so didn't bother this month. I had blood tinged ewcm cd14-16 and then though af arrived cd29 and cycle had finally regulated, but only bled for that morning! I was expecting af cos used withdrawal cos goin on hols soon. Since then had ewcm again cd30-33 and we did dtd unprotected on cd33 Incase I was ov as hol is only next week and I'm getting impatient! Now on cd 40 and still no af or bfp, but then if I wasn't pregnant and just missed my period and then did ov late wouldn't get a bfp for another week yet anyway???

Any ideas????

Thanks x

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