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poas addicts

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JoMalones Thu 18-Feb-16 20:28:07

Is it just me? This ttc has turned me into a complete weirdo poas addict! It can't be normal! Please say it is normal or that I'm not alone!

Ok, so I buy internet cheapies and have one "proper" test if I get a BFP but this month I tested at 6dpo. At 7dpo I just held the test up and used the torch on my phone to see if there was a hint (obviously ridiculous!)

As they are just £2 a month for a bundle I'm hardly pissing away that much money and I do find it helps, getting that constant bfn doesn't feel like such a shock when AF arrives.

Anyone else an addict?

twolinesplease Thu 18-Feb-16 22:12:01

Yes I'm an addict blushyou are not alone. thanks

haveacupoftea Fri 19-Feb-16 00:38:16

I did 3 ICs today, laid them side by side and stared at them all for about 20 minutes blush

JoMalones Fri 19-Feb-16 10:46:37

Oh thank you both, good to know I'm not alone!

CoffeeCait Fri 19-Feb-16 12:35:46

👍🏻 -> my version of "liking" this thread a la Facebook 😁

I'm a POAS addict, start from 7dpo, also stare at them for hours as if that could change the outcome and often keep them for a few days just in case the bfns miraculously turn to bfps blush

I'm 38 for gods sake, I need to get a grip!! confused

twolinesplease Fri 19-Feb-16 12:55:46

coffee actually laughed out loud in the staff room at work grin thought it was only me that kept them for days hoping for some kind of change blush. I've wasted a 2 pack of efr test hoping for a result with the high sensitivity, I shall be bankrupted by the time I get a bfp. Pass me he grip if you find it confused

Writerwannabe83 Fri 19-Feb-16 15:00:50

I'm a total addict.

With DS1 I was testing twice a day from 7dpo.

I'm not TTC number 2 and have been testing since 7dpo. I've only been doing it once a day this time round though so I'm not quite as crazy!!

Writerwannabe83 Fri 19-Feb-16 15:01:43

*now TTC number 2

FattyFishwife Fri 19-Feb-16 16:08:50

Oh thank god....I do the torch on the phone thing too...and the staring at them.for 20 minutes (from all different angles) and the 2-3 a day with differently timed urines....and the keeping of them just in case....and the from 7dpo too blush

BUT....I blame eBay for cheap bulk buys of sticks...if you have would be rude not to use 2 or 3 at a time...maybe even 4 some days...
Definitely NOT that I'm addicted or anything. ..sniffs

StarkyTheDirewolf Fri 19-Feb-16 16:24:15

I'm an anti poas-er, but a ferverent opk-er. I LOVE lining them all up and obsessing keeping tabs on test line progression. I hoard pregnancy tests (un-pissed on) though. I refuse to test until the day af is due from my longest cycle average glutton for punishment

JoMalones Fri 19-Feb-16 17:09:23

Yes! I am looking at yesterday's again in case a line has miraculously appeared! I'm amazed the bathroom drawer isn't a bit whiffy as they are all in there in a draw - 3 a day blush

Starky how do you have such willpower? After doing the same thing with my opk I get withdrawal symptoms hence testing so early!

StarkyTheDirewolf Fri 19-Feb-16 18:00:28

I try and see every day I don't poas a personal challenge jo more often than not I wake up and immediately going to the loo and flush before I can start obsessing! grin it's a mind boggler, but it gets me through! Especially as my cycles can be up to 43 days long. I can usually tell when af is going to appear though because I get sore armpit/boobs about a week previous. So that's my sign to start mentally preparing for a disappointment.

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