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help! positive opk used as preg test?

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AllyBali123 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:12:25

Hey just looking for a bit of advice! I'm around CD29 and had a bit of spotting on Monday so thought I was out! Then had brown blood on tue now nothing! Randomly took an opk as I don't have any preg tests and it's came up positive.....any ideas??

Whatdoidohelp Thu 18-Feb-16 18:15:52

An opk and a Preg test look for different things in pee. I doubt v much u are pg. are your periods regular?

FuzzyOwl Thu 18-Feb-16 18:17:24

Yes, an opk will be positive if you are pregnant. However, some women find they have more lh just as AF is due. If you are pregnant enough for a positive opk, you will also show on a pregnancy test.

AllyBali123 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:21:28

Ah right yeah I had heard mixed things so wasn't too sure.

I've never been able to get a positive opk when I take them during my cycle so didn't even bother this month so was surprised for it to show anything! My periods are a bit irregular around 26-32 day cycle so will leave it a few days before I do a preg test. Thanks!

FuzzyOwl Thu 18-Feb-16 18:29:13

Good luck and I would say congratulations, as it sounds like implantation bleeding to me.

AllyBali123 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:38:40

See I never had that with my little girl so I'm not sure? It was literally one tiny wipe of pinkish blood on Monday then a tiny bit of brown now nothing. Got then usual sore boobs and bit of cramping which I know could go either way......

FuzzyOwl Thu 18-Feb-16 18:58:07

With mine I had implantation bleeding (and a positive opk) but the bleeding was far more than just a spot; it was enough for me to use tampons for a couple of days and crack open the gin because I thought AF had arrived. Fingers crossed for you.

AllyBali123 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:28:21

Haha really? I did actually put a tampon in on Monday as was like oh well here goes! But then nothing was on it but brown!

Hmm not sure what to do as meant to be going straight out for cocktails after work tomorrow and not near anywhere to buy a preg test, I had planned to wait till Sunday so might just do that as that will be me officially late if there is nothing by then! Will just not over do it tomorrow incase the opk is right!!

AllyBali123 Sat 20-Feb-16 12:21:02

Took a Tesco preg test this morn and got this? Did a clear blue digital this afternoon to confirm and it said negative so I'm totally confused! Maybe cos that one wasn't FMU?

Helloall1 Sat 20-Feb-16 12:30:59

Definitely a line!!!! I'm in same boat. Everything crossed for us flowers

How long have you been TTC?

Wanted to test yesterday, only had opks. Faint line on that, tried a few other brands with faint lines also. But digital showed as 'not pregnant'.

Apparently the digital ones aren't as sensitive?!

Afreshstartplease Sat 20-Feb-16 12:34:24


Asda normal and digital both told me negative but Frer said otherwise

FuzzyOwl Sat 20-Feb-16 12:38:15

Congratulations. You might get a false negative but not a false positive. Digital tests aren't as sensitive and it is quite a pale line, even with FMU. Still, it is definitely a line.

MyNameIsSuz Sat 20-Feb-16 13:06:36

Hmm... pretty much exactly this happened to me, and I'm now 37 weeks! Never had anything like it with my first either.

I had three days of brown bleeding roughly when my period was due, not loads just when I wiped and a little tiny bit on a pad. Did a couple of pregnancy tests as it was so odd but they were negative. Decided to write it off and started on the ovulation tests which were a strong positive. Finally retested and got a bfp about two weeks after the spotting started. Hopefully you won't be waiting as long as I was for a proper answer!

AllyBali123 Sat 20-Feb-16 14:48:29

Eeek I just want a proper line! Been ttc for 10months ish.

Will try the frer ones and hopefully get a better result!

MyNameIsSuz Sat 20-Feb-16 16:06:21

I got a better line dunking the test in a pot of wee than weeing over the end, worth a try with the frer?

AllyBali123 Sat 20-Feb-16 16:31:22

Frer!! So chuffed not even FMU!

Thanks for the help everyone, it's awful when you just want a yes or no and the tests are saying different things! Least now I have the answer, hubby is chuffed to.

Afreshstartplease Sat 20-Feb-16 16:33:03

See you on the October thread op!

FuzzyOwl Sat 20-Feb-16 19:36:27

So pleased for you Ally.

AllyBali123 Sat 20-Feb-16 23:13:14

Helloall1 - Are you gonna Do another test tomorrow? def get a frer if u are, fingers crossed for you!!!

Thanks everyone smilesmile

FedUpNowPleaseHelp Sun 21-Feb-16 10:00:00

So glad I have come across this thread smile I am in pretty much the similar situation got positive opk this morning followed by a faint frer smile I am going to test again on Tuesday

OTheHugeManatee Sun 21-Feb-16 10:10:01

Congratulations smile

AllyBali123 Sun 21-Feb-16 12:43:14

Aw fingers crossed fedup def sounds like your positive, any lines a line but yeah nice to get a stronger one that you don't have to squint to see lol! Congrats!! smilesmile

I did my other frer this morn since I had it and nice to triple check haha! Another positive now just the worrying till 12 wk scan!

Helloall1 Sun 21-Feb-16 13:33:42

Hi Ally, I've done a few since Friday...I just have to keep making sure.

Excited and scared!! Sending you lots of luck x

What is the October page? Can someone link it to me please?

Good luck everyone

Katiekins90 Sun 21-Feb-16 14:12:54

After reading this I took a OPK was a positive my Amazon FRER arrived and temptation got the better of me... I'm in shock!
Congratulations ally flowers

Helloall1 Sun 21-Feb-16 18:05:36

Congratulations Katie. flowers

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