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stopping "not trying" Feb '16, with view to ttc #2

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mustthinkofabetterusername Thu 18-Feb-16 11:26:08

I find the label "ttc" heavy, and adding an extra/unnecessary pressure. So we're going with, as of Feb '16, we're not "not trying". Hope this makes sense!

Anyone else?

How did you decide when to ttc #2? Ideally we'd like a two and a half year age gap, but conscious if we only start nine months before that, we could end up with a bigger gap than we'd like. So we've started four months early, recognising we could get "caught out", but allowing for the fact it could take some time. (DC1 took ten months to conceive).

Anyone else thinking of adding to their family? How did you decide the time was right for you? and how far in advance did you start?

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