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TTC help please!!!

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sarahlee11213 Mon 15-Feb-16 08:41:56

Hi everyone,
We are currently TTC. I had my nexoplanon implant out on the 4th Feb, we tried on the 5th, on the 8th, 9th, 10th I had the tiniest bleeding ever (I'm usually really heavy). I've had the metallic taste for 3 days but that has now gone. I've had a day where I got off the bus and felt really really faint and had to sit down. Last night I went to have a shower and I noticed that on my right boob there was a yellow crust (tmi I know) on my nipple??? Today I've woken up feeling sick and I've also got an upset tummy? I've taken about 5 tests, all negative. As I had the implant in for 6 years I haven't had a period so I'm not even sure when I'm due confused.
I don't want to get my hopes up but I can't help it, I just keep thinking that I can't be pregnant as it would be too good to be true sad.
I just want a positive or a period!!! Lol.
Any one else experienced anything like this?xx

BoBo90 Mon 15-Feb-16 14:03:59

So it's only been 11 days since you had the implant out? You would've had to have ovulated immediately to have a positive test now and even still it would be a bit early to test. It's more likely your symptoms are just your bodies reaction to the implant removal.
It can take a log time for your body to get back to normal after te implant/pill/coil you need to keep an eye out for ovulation signs and then go from there.
Good luck with ttc!! Just prepare yourself for a possible long wait for your first proper period and have a google about ovulation and when to test xx

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