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6 preg losses in 13 months...wtf is going on..

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BettyHB Sun 14-Feb-16 13:14:38

Hi ladies,
Any advice..I'll take it..it's so hard to talk about this with people, only my husband and a close friend. All tests normal and "lifestyle" or "just bad luck" is being cited as the reason by all medical professionals. I would actually prefer if a physical reason was found...

My history:
2 Lletz procedures 2006, 2010.
Baby girl 36w 2011.
1st mc @ 7 wks 2013
Bfp 2 months later, 2nd baby girl born late 2013. Bed rest due to short cervix, pre eclampsia, induced at 39 weeks.
Mmc @ 12 weeks March 2015
Chemical pregnancy Aug 2015
Bfp Sept 2015
Mc Oct 2015
Chemical preg Dec 2015
Chemical preg Jan 2016
Chemical preg Feb 2016.

At first "bad luck" was blamed by professionals.

Testing including thrombophyllia, auto immune, Amh, fsh, hormones etc..all done and clear between Nov & Jan 2015/16.

I work full time plus help out in my husband's business. Busy - yes, pressurising but exciting. I thrive on it and love that it's going well.

Blessed to have our girls. I'm 37 now, feel like time is ticking. We live in Ireland where TEG test is not publicly available. I can book it privately. I'm curious but my consultant said it's a money racket.

At this point I've become deeply distressed, I truly cannot attribute lifestyle and I can't believe our luck would really be this bad.

I know it could be worse, we have our 2 blessings, they're our world but would truly love one more child.

So, are we foolish to keep going? Sometimes I think we are.

Is there more at play here? Age? Pre-eclampsia issue? Lifestyle????

I really would love to here from non-medical people on this! I'm lost, sitting here in a cafe, feeling hopeless.

Betty x

Worriedscaredbutstrongish Sun 14-Feb-16 14:35:17

Hey, sorry, no real advice or experience but i can't let you go without any hand to hold.

AliceScarlett Sun 14-Feb-16 15:07:02

What do they mean when they say lifestyle? Age/drinking/smoking/weight?

It must be so frustrating and hard for you. Have you tried posting on the infertility board too?

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