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After sex TTC routine... TMI no doubt...

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fiddlesticks123 Sun 14-Feb-16 09:48:34

Hi All

A quick TMI query on your after sex rituals leading to BFPs. Many gross google searches later, I still am at a loss as to whether the 'excess' 😷 that I can't keep inside of me (despite best legs in the air poses... Believe me...) is actually the good stuff escaping or if it is just excess and there are some little swimmers happily starting their journey.

Any tips on keeping as many swimmers in the race as possible?!! As a new TTC'er, this concept is totally alien to me after spending years running to the toilet nearly immediately after a hasty cuddle so any advice would be welcome!

Wardrobespierre Sun 14-Feb-16 09:52:22

You should get up and go for a wee after sex. None of this legs up business. Not only is it utterly pointless and makes no difference to chances of conception, but it also increases your risk of UTI. Good sense and hygiene means a post sex wee soon afterwards.

The decent sperm will be on their way already. Let the excess stuff go. You don't need it.

Picklesauage Sun 14-Feb-16 09:57:19

Presumably you are in an 'on your back' position to minimise loss during movement! I used to put a pillow (covered by towel) under my bum/ hips. Then used to have legs up for 10 minutes and then stay with hips tilted for a further 20 minutes.

Any excess I used to ignore, I just let the towel deal with it!

For my second pregnancy I used to lie on my front with two pillows under my hips. This is because they pointed out my uterus had tilted quite significantly. So this position was optimal! Not too comfortable!

fiddlesticks123 Sun 14-Feb-16 10:18:07

Thanks ladies, yes I do go to the toilet afterwards just not for 5 minutes or so, any longer has felt tricky to do so far but I haven't tried a tilting method or a pillow to support, I've been mostly attempting yoga-like positions instead!

We usually finish in doggy or missionary so the transition to legs-elevated is quite easy.

I'll give the towel covered pillow a go, perhaps along with some tissues stealthily hidden nearby so I can stay there for a little longer but be less aware/bothered by excess mess!

cockermum85 Sun 14-Feb-16 18:29:57

Hey, I'm TTC but first month ended up with a horrendous UTI - which I blame on not peeing after DTD. I not figure that it's not worth the risk of being that poorly again, it was blooming nasty! I realise it might not have been the post-sex ritual that caused the UTI but I've never had one before!

AmyB1986 Sun 14-Feb-16 22:08:00

Hi- I've tried both methods. With my first I had a wee straight after. With my second I was really keen to conceive quickly. I put a pad on to catch any escaped swimmers and went to sleep straight after, didn't lay in any weird positions just got comfy. To be honest neither made any difference. Both times it took around 6 months for me to conceive.
I've read the fastest swimmers take around 45 minutes to reach the Fallopian tubes and the slowest up to 12 hours! I think a fair few would reach the right place as men release between 40millinion and 1.2 billion sperm each time.
TTC makes you learn some odd facts lol

Junosmum Sun 14-Feb-16 23:17:34

Time I conceived, I was on top and ran to the loo to pee and deposit excess immediately after. It really makes no difference!

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