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How do you calculate DPO if you don't Temp?

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Writerwannabe83 Sun 14-Feb-16 08:27:14

I started using OPKs this month for the first month and on Wednesday morning (at about 11am) I got a very strong positive.

However, just because I got that result it doesn't actually mean anything does it in terms of when I actually ovulated?

I though ovulation occurred within 12-24 hours but a woman I know said that due to her temp readings she didn't actually ovulate until 36 hours after her positive reading.

After that positive reading on Wednesday I then did another test the Thursday morning (as soon as I woke up) and the lines were just as strong as the Wednesday lines had been. This confused me too as I thought that the LSH surge was generally very short lived?

I wish I did know how many dpo I was so I could have some idea as to when to test.

Does everyone tracking their ovulation use temping as well as opposed to just OPK strips?

I had a very small amount of EWCM on the day of my first strong OPK result and then a tiny tiny amount of it on the second day but then it cleared up completely. Does that indicate that ovulation probably did occur on the day of my first positive OPK?

It's all so confusing.....

Kintan Sun 14-Feb-16 20:45:06

I don't think you can track it accurately just by using OPKs, probably better to temp as well - that's what I do and according to temperature some months I O on the day I get the first positive on the OPK, other months it's a couple of days after the first positive reading.

Writerwannabe83 Sun 14-Feb-16 20:52:37

A woman I know is posting a thermometer to me that she no longer needs so I can experiment with that.

The problem I have is that I can be up all times of the night with my DS and have random earlys mornings with him too so I'm not sure how accurate my readings would be as my 'get up time' for the day is not static at all.

I'm iust hoping that I didn't stop DTD too early this month. We last did it on the night of my first strong OPK and two days before that too (over the space of four days). I did intend to DTD again the night of my second string OPK but I was wiped out from work and couldn't muster the energy.

Junosmum Mon 15-Feb-16 06:31:08

Cervical mucus. I'd get 2days egg white, one day dry and then the 4th day I'd be egg white again before going to none fertile mucus. I figured I ovulated on my 'dry' day.

You don't actually need to know that accurately though, within 2 days is usually enough, and there's no point getting jiggy once you've ovulated, so do it plenty until you get a positive opk, then do it twice more for luck.

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