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Does the speed at which your result appear on a clearblue pregnancy test matter?

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Rocky22 Sat 13-Feb-16 09:04:43

Hi all

I'm a little worried, and probably unnecessarily so but wanted some advice.

I did a test two days ago and it read 'pregnant' within 90secs. By about 2 and a half minutes the weeks indicator appeared at 1-2 weeks

I did another test this morning and it took the full 3 minutes to read anything when 'pregnant' and '1-2 weeks' appeared concurrently.

I'm worried the slower reading of 'pregnant' might mean my HCG levels have dropped between the two tests. Could that be the case?

The reason I'm so itchy is I had a miscarriage last month and discovered it before it happened because my weeks indicator went down on two consecutive tests I did (2 days apart).

I know I need to stop doing so many tests but I'm just so worried

Thanks in advance for your thoughts


KatyK1980 Sat 13-Feb-16 09:19:33

Hi smile
Congratulations flowers
I don't think the speed of the result is anything to worry about. My first test came up with pregnant fairly quickly but the second one I did took longer and then flashed between pregnant and not pregnant for a few seconds before staying on pregnant (which really freaked me out!) But all was fine (I'm 41 weeks now with a stubborn baby who refuses to arrive!) I think the digital tests can just be a little temperamental! Good luck!

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