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Early pregnancy tests

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puzzledleopard Fri 12-Feb-16 11:16:24

Today I felt like writing as I came across an old article though feel it's still valid today. I have read some heartbreaking posts and have been in this position myself with multiple Chemical Pregnancies and 4 Miscarriages. I decided personally I will not be spending another penny on these types of test, by this I mean the tests that can indicate pregnancy long before your period is actually due or missed. It is just heartbreaking all these threads on here of women in similar situations.

I agree with this from the article that companies should warn women that an early positive has a higher likelihood of ending in the normal monthly period.

We are born with all our eggs in two baskets which are immature, which mature when ready for release. Therefore there will be occurrences through the egg cycle where something goes wrong either with the egg itself or the sperm that meets it, or when they are combined which can cause issues with implantation when something is not quite right and it is absorbed back into the body around the time of Af would be due.
Which is a natural occurrence the only issue is that these natural occurrences can be discovered with early testing. Your upcoming future can flash before your eyes by taking a test, excitement and expectations which can lead to disappointment and heartache which causes unnecessary grief and stress which can have a negative effect on getting pregnant again.

I actually wish companies would do away with early tests but our inquisitive nature makes us inclined to want to know and buy them. Which increases profits to them offering these kinds of test along with normal test so they are never going to be inclined to not offer them.

It further doesn't help the situation that a test result can be invalid after 2-3 minutes and usually the maximum 5 depending on brands, Evaporation lines can be on every brand of test unfortunately not just Early pregnancy. When looking at it for ages it is easy to convince yourself there is something there when it has passed the time it's no longer valid.

I do understand that they early tests could be an indication of implantation failure and in certain cases this can lead to screening and a way of diagnosing an undiagnosed case of unexplained infertility but I still feel that overall it's just causes unnecessary heartache which you never get over.

As it says could it be an example of science providing us with too much information?

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