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Ovulation spotting?

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SkiAngel Wed 10-Feb-16 17:08:08


My DP and I are planning to start TTC at the beginning of March. I stopped my pill at in November in order to allow my body to get back into a normal cycle, for fear that, that could take a while. After an initial long withdrawal bleed, things haven't settled to be completely regular yet, but hoping that's all ok this month.

Last month I happened to mention to the doctor that I had noticed some (TMI sorry) brown discharge after having DTD on 2 nights last month (mid cycle) and was taken in for swabs and a physical exam. All ok there and the doctor said she felt everything felt/looked normal. Due to coming off the pill and the fact The swabs were normal, I opted to wait and see if it happens again before considering a referral. When the discharge occurred, it was gone wu thing about an hour from starting, so didn't last long and I didn't see and red blood.

This month, I'm currently on day 17 of my cycle and there has been a very little (but noticeable) amount of brown discharge today and dr Google (I know I shouldn't look) suggests ovulation bleeding. Is this a thing? Has anyone else experienced that? Or should I just bite the bullet and contact the doctors about a referral? So hopeful it's just normal! smile

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