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Clomid success anyone?

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MrsNuckyT Wed 10-Feb-16 09:57:44

We've been trying for no. 2 for nearly a year now, after conceiving DC1 quickly and easily. Getting very demoralised!

Have now been for a raft of tests and there don't appear to be an obvious problems - good egg reserves and no issues with tubes.

So, I have now been prescribed clomid and will be starting next week. Just wondered if anyone else is in the same boat and would also like to hear of any success stories, particularly from those who were in a similar boat in terms of diagnosis (or lack of diagnosis of any issues!!).

Cleebope Wed 10-Feb-16 17:16:45

Had the same problem as you trying for dc3. Sorry to say clomid was a disaster for me. Completely mucked up my cycle which was regular until that. Hence counter productive for knowing when to get jiggy!! Also made me bloated and feeling like crying. Needless to say did not conceive. Moved on to ivf options after that but dh wasn't keen. Spent 10 years trying! Now too old. Good luck. I'm sure it works for some. Made me super appreciate the two I already have.

Nomio23 Wed 10-Feb-16 17:45:42

Clomid didn't get me my BFP, but I know 2 others who have recently become pregnant while taking it. One was on cycle four & I think the other was cycle three. Good luck!

Spanielcrackers Wed 10-Feb-16 17:51:22

Clomid worked for me. It regulated my cycle. I was told it usually worked within three cycles. I became pregnant on my third cycle.
It had horrible side effects - hot flushes ( stripping your clothes off hot flushes), visual disturbances, huge emotional highs and lows, and weight gain.

whiskers72 Wed 10-Feb-16 18:01:52

I had similar problems conceiving no2 after no problems with no1. In my case I wasn't ovulating, was prescribed clomid and got pregnant on the first cycle.

Cleebope Wed 10-Feb-16 18:08:11

When you refer to cycles do you mean the first month or do you mean the first/2nd/3rd 6 monthly cycle? I only tried it for 6 months and was told any more cycles could be dangerous so stopped it. Can you take it for 3 full times? Now I feel hard done by!

Spanielcrackers Wed 10-Feb-16 18:14:41

By cycles, I meant menstrual cycles, so I became pregnant the third month after starting it.

Cleebope Wed 10-Feb-16 18:22:10

Lucky both of you, glad it worked. Hope OP has the same experience.[Flowers] how do you get the icons to work lol?

wheniwonder Wed 10-Feb-16 18:39:41

worked for me (old lady) in the first month of use. Currently very stroppy almost 8 year old! Had previously caught very quickly

MrsNuckyT Thu 11-Feb-16 09:09:13

Wow! Not sure I was expecting to see such mixed reactions to it! Really good to know of the side affects, though - no particular side effects were mentioned when I was prescribed shock

Stepawayfromthezebras Thu 11-Feb-16 09:15:55

It worked for me first cycle. My doctor had told me to go straight to ivf as I was ovulating fine but I wanted to give clomid a go first. I didn't get any side effects and my dd is now 3 weeks old smile

I also started taking low dose asprin that month - not sure if that also helped

FauxFox Thu 11-Feb-16 09:18:45

I fell with twins on the first cycle (they are 10 now!) - good luck OP smile

MrsNuckyT Thu 11-Feb-16 17:07:15

Great stuff, ladies (Faux - not sure about the twins though!! wink )

abbie1987 Thu 18-Feb-16 22:34:37

Hi i start my first round of clomid tomorrow am very nervous, how are you getting on with it? x

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