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Am I imagining this line?

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Scharlotte Tue 09-Feb-16 21:02:26

We've been TTC for 3 months. I'm either 10/11dpo. Never been on pill and know my cycle pretty well I think. I also track it on an app and know my ovulation symptoms which are the same every month.
I did 1 test this morning which was so faint I thought I had imagined it. OH agreed there was a very very faint line - came up within 1 min of test but disappeared when I looked Again.
I then did an afternoon test which again came up with a super faint line within a minute. This hasn't disappeared and I've attached a photo. It really is a squinter though!!! I'm just not sure I've imagined it all or possibly it's an Evap line???
I've had lower tummy ache (different to cramp) all evening and only difference with this cycle to my others is my bbs aren't as sore.
What do we think??

maybebabybee Tue 09-Feb-16 21:04:10

I definitely see a line! Doesn't look like an evap to me. In any case evaps are more common on internet cheapie tests and blue dye tests than FRERS.

Loki17 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:05:08

Test again tomorrow. At 11 dpo my line looked the same on a frer. They will get darker. Congratulations!

Glitterkitten24 Tue 09-Feb-16 21:07:33

I think I can see a line on the test on the left, I can't see anything on the one on the right.

Fx for you, test in the morning with fmu and let us know!

evilgiraffe Tue 09-Feb-16 21:09:13

Looks negative to me. I assume at 11dpo you're not late coming on, but testing early? I'd wait at least until your period is due before testing again, and then see. Testing early is a good way to waste money.

Scharlotte Tue 09-Feb-16 21:10:35

Ah it's comforting to know I'm not going completely mad. I've had a few positive half lines on a frer so I'm cautious. I keep looking and thinking no maybe I'm mistaken. Tbh the lower ache is my biggest sign somethings different. It's very different to normal cramp and by now my bbs would be killing me. I will test again tomorrow ...

Scharlotte Tue 09-Feb-16 21:12:51

Should add ..half lines that have been false or Evaps

HungryHorace Tue 09-Feb-16 22:34:12

I think I can see a line on the left one. Not sure about the right one but it's a bit teeny on my phone. Fx tomorrow!

Scharlotte Wed 10-Feb-16 08:08:06

This mornings in the time frame. Definitely darker as much easier to get a photo.

maybebabybee Wed 10-Feb-16 08:11:56


Scharlotte Wed 10-Feb-16 08:18:36

Thank you. Although I,m still not convinced. I will wait until Friday which is when I'm due my period and do another one just to be sure!! 😀

ProbablyMe Wed 10-Feb-16 08:21:16

Congratulations! Mine looked like that at 11/12dpo and now I'm 26 weeks smilethanks

BakedPotatoChangedMyLife Wed 10-Feb-16 08:26:55

I can see a line on the 2nd pic. Mine looked exactly like that at around 7dpo so you might be earlier than you think. Give it 2 days and test again, I'm currently feeding my 4 weeks old fain line so good luck!

Scharlotte Wed 10-Feb-16 19:35:12

Hi just wanted to update as I know it drives me crazy when a post is inconclusive. This was a superdrug test and digital from tonight. I'm now starting to believe. Just hope it sticks! wink
I will do my best to update if any different. Good luck everyone who is trying.

Lucinda15 Wed 10-Feb-16 19:42:11

Congrats flowers

RubyChewsDay Wed 10-Feb-16 21:00:39

Thats fab smile

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