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So so weird, need advice :(

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LouBecca Tue 09-Feb-16 16:07:07

I find it hard talking about this to people I actually know so I just needed to let out my frustrations in the hope someone may have been through something similar.

Long story short, my partner and I have a 7 year old daughter together. Since having her we rarely had protected sex, however I never fell pregnant in this time.

A few times over the years we really tried to conceive, putting our all into it, but we gave up after years of negative results.

So... Last month on the 17th, we randomly had sex (I say randomly as we are far, far away from the honeymoon period now 😂). I was up until last week, trying to lose weight - and doing quite well. We weren't actively trying. I didn't think anything of it, that was until the 29th of January when I felt a different feeling in my pelvis. It had a very full and pressured feeling, not at all painful but very noticeable. This has carried on right up until now (9th Feb) and has progressed from full, to constant tingles, like a rapid twitch feeling constantly.

Other symptoms since last week include nausea that comes and goes in waves, throwing up a couple of times, complete food aversion (and I normally eat a LOT), extreme dizziness, sweating with little activity, headaches, sore breasts that sting when touched and massive veins showing up, along with bumps around the nipple. Watery to creamy CM and lots of it. Literally every single text book symptom.

However, I've taken a few HPT, including this morning, and all are negative. I can't explain it, I FEEL pregnant. This weird feeling in my womb is getting stronger. I have a blood test tomorrow morning to see what on earth is happening, however am I crazy for still believing I still could be pregnant?

Unfortunately my periods are something I can't go by as I'm irregular, however over the past year they have stayed in the 6 to 8 week apart range. After this week, I would be classed as 'late' for my personal cycle. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Please respond, I'm so frustrated and need some insight. Baby dust to all 💖

juneau Tue 09-Feb-16 16:14:53

If you got pregnant on 17th that means you're more than 3 weeks pregnant and a test should come up +ve at this point if you are (tests are designed to be able to detect HCG from approx. two weeks after conception). However, a negative test is not definitive. The blood test tomorrow should be. Good luck!

LouBecca Tue 09-Feb-16 16:24:37

Thanks Hun smile . I've been looking up stuff constantly and have come across some women who said they didn't get a positive until months into the pregnancy. I guess these are really rare cases though. Hopefully the blood test will shed some light.

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