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Cervix moved after pregnancy?

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ButterIsAngelSpunk Sun 07-Feb-16 13:42:20

Hi all. Have been trying to conceive my 2nd for ten months now - DS is almost 2. I have been charting my cervix position for a couple of months (mainly only when I see ewcm) and have noticed that it is always tilted - facing my back. In fact, without bearing down, I can't feel the opening at all as it is flush against the back wall. It was not like this before or during my first pregnancy. I did have an EMCS, after getting to 9cm dilated.
Anyone heard of pregnancy changing your cervix like this?? And does it make it more difficult to conceive? I can't see how the sperm would be able to get through the opening. What can I do to help? Thanks in advance.

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