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HSG, spotting, pregnancy...what to think?

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Changie Sun 07-Feb-16 12:32:27

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I suppose I'm looking for advice and to see if anyone has had anything similar.

I had an ectopic may 14 and my right tube was removed. Finally I got a HSG to check my left tube Jan 28th 2016. All clear. I've had the expected brown spotting which isn't unusual but it's day 17 and still happening. Last night I called 111 and went to see a consultant who did a pregnancy test. Slight positive on day 16, seems unbelievable.

Now I feel in limbo and I'm petrified that the spotting is another eptopic pregnancy. I'm praying that it's a normal pregnancy but the continuation of the spotting is so worrying. When I had the ectopic before I didn't start to spot until the time of my period and I know scans and bloods probably won't who anything till week 5-6. Anyone been through similar?

IsItIorAreTheOthersCrazy Sun 07-Feb-16 13:02:21

I haven't been through similar but didn't want to leave your post unanswered.

I can't imagine the stress and understands worry you're dealing with right now. But spotting can mean something and can mean nothing. Sometimes this happens because something bad is happening and sometimes it's just a pregnancy settling in. It's such a shame that technology really can't help yet.

Please do something relaxing today thanks

Changie Sun 07-Feb-16 14:09:19

Thank you for replying, trying to Do things with family, to keep my mind off it today.

kirinm Sun 07-Feb-16 21:27:07

After my ectopic, the EPU would do bloods early just to check doubling times. I'd push for that because I know how frightening it is and although you won't feel completely reassured until you know it's in the right place with a scan, your HCG levels will be a good indication.

Good luck.

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