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Conceiving after implant removal

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MyBreadIsEggy Fri 05-Feb-16 08:43:53

Hi everyone, I'm new here!
DH and I are trying for DC2.
When DD was conceived, I had only had my implant out about 3 weeks, but had a period about 3 days after it was removed.
This time, I had my implant taken out, and hadn't had a period or any inkling of a period 4 days afterwards. I took an ovulation test, which came up positive shock so we dtd like a pair of bunnies for the next few days. A week and a bit later I still have absolutely no inkling of a period.
Has anyone else fell pregnant so quickly after implant removal?! Or ami I just getting my hopes up to soon?

MyBreadIsEggy Fri 05-Feb-16 21:22:59


H0p3 Fri 05-Feb-16 22:20:13

Hi mybread I'm afraid I don't have an implant BFP story for you (yet!) but I had two implants in for 6 yrs then a yr without but not TTC so don't remember what cycles were like. Then had two more implants but the second was only for a year before me and DP decided to TTC. It was removed on December 8 last year and been TTC ever since. Got my first AF on 15/16 Jan. Didn't use OV test unilateral after that and for +vets on CD14/15/16. Now in my tww. Not sure any of the above is much help, but I did think I'd get my cycle back immediately and it took 41 days before my AF came. As wasn't TTC last time implant was removed I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure it came back quicker that time. I got quite upset first week of Jan thinking there must be something wrong, but it was just a case of waiting it out. I guess my point is, yes, from things I've read on here and elsewhere it is definitely possible (so fx for you!) but also it can take a bit after the implant for AF to start even though they tell you your fertility returns immediately. Sounds like you are about 5 days ahead of me in the TWW so hopefully BFPs all round! Hope that helps a bit. I just found reading other implant stories helpful when I was waiting and often hard to find people who had them!

Baby dust to you and do let me know if you get your BFP in the next week or so! (And sorry for epic post!) x

user1480822138 Sun 04-Dec-16 03:46:21

Hello everyone, new here and looking for someone in a similar situation.
Basically I'm reading all these stories about women coming off the implant and getting caught pregnant straight away... thing is they all seem to have had them for less than 4years...
I've just recently had my taken out 2nd November 16... after having it in continuosly from 2008, so 8yrs which is a very long time!!!
My son turns 9 next April, and we want to make 3 become a 4...
I'm actually so excited but scared all at the same time incase having the implant for sooooo long may have damaged my fertility 😔
And so with this brief information, has anybody else had there's in for this amount time and be able to conceive fairly quickly afterwards?
Any advice would be greatly appriciated 😊
PS - I two days into a period when it was removed which lasted around 7 days...

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