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*Am I just being paranoid?* - The Pill

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Emrys1 Thu 04-Feb-16 09:09:20

I've been on the Rigevidon (levonorgesstrel/ethinylestradiol) Pill for nearly two months after coming off the implant, the first month was fine a little abdominal bloating not much. Got my "period" which was just as heavy as usual but this second month I've had sore breasts and more abdominal bloating along with a little hip pain. I was just wondering if this was normal?
I'm going to take a test anyway to find out but i'm only panicking because i'm the mother of a three year old little girl (who is happy and full of life) but i didn't have a single pregnancy symptom with her and didn't even find out i was having her until she was a month away from arriving.
I realise i may be getting worried over nothing but since there was no signs before i wondered if this was normal?

Many thanks for helping out.

dementedpixie Thu 04-Feb-16 10:09:42

It could be a combination of coming off the implant plus the new pill that is giving you funny side effects. May take a few months to settle

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