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Nearly 2yrs ttc #2. I'm old now! Should we consider IUI - Anyone got any experience?

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Raeside Mon 01-Feb-16 13:52:51


We've been trying since autum 2014 to ttc #2. One ERPC at 11 weeks in Aug 2015 and one miscarriage at 5 weeks Nov 2015 later, and with me turning 42 in July, I'm now wondering where to go next. Time is running out.

Anyone got specific advice? GP no help as they just say 'keep trying'. We are trying! Very well time bd-OMG every month, I've had all the blood tests and so on. I was wondering about privately funded IUI....

Thoughts and views appreciated!

Thank you in advance....

Julieb85 Mon 01-Feb-16 14:34:48

I think there are some things you could try in the first instance. I'd go back to GP and request clomid/clomiphene. At the very least you should be referred to a fertility clinic to investigate....

Raeside Mon 01-Feb-16 14:44:34

Thanks Julie - I understand they'll not bother referring us as I'm older and we already have a child!

Clomid is potential I guess, though they're not keen on prescribing it if you've a higher bmi? I still do a bit, though have lost a lot of weight. Not that bmi is a great measure of anything really!

Raeside Mon 01-Feb-16 18:49:24


MrsC2013 Tue 02-Feb-16 00:44:42

Raeside Just a thought, have your progesterone levels been checked during the pregnancies? I know there are often no reasons given for mc but jw if that was a possibility?

Also re Clomid, it completely depends on the area you live in as to what the BMI guidelines are. I'm in Manchester and had to lose 3.5 stone to get my BMI down to 30 before they would prescribe it. I know from on here that other areas are less strict, with some ladies being successful with a BMI of 39. They do say it has a better success rate with a lower BMI though I agree with you that it is not a great measure of anything!!

I've just finished first round of Clomid 50mg due to PCOS and lack of ov so will soon know if it's worked. Perhaps it could be an option for you as I've heard of ladies who already ov being put on it to 'boost' ov/ strengthen the egg. I've also wondered whether IUI would be helpful, but as you've managed to get pg, I'm not sure whether it'd be beneficial or not? Maybe best to enquire and do some research to weigh it up x

Raeside Tue 02-Feb-16 09:31:21

MrsC thank you very much for your reply! Yes I've had progesterone checked at day 21, though not earlier so I guess unclear about what the difference might be between early and later on in the cycle. I've had other blood tests which show thyroid function at the very low end of normal, and since ERPC last August my cycles, previously bang-on-boring 28 days, have varied between 26-32 days. I'm also on v balanced but also quite restricted diet at 1100 cals a day and weight loss us very very slow do something isn't right!

I'll do some more research. Thank you!

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