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IVF vs Reversal - ADVICE Needed

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Moshikinder Mon 01-Feb-16 10:10:01


DH had a vasectomy about 11yrs ago, has two children from a previous marriage. I am 32yrs old, without any children (no obvs fertility problems) and before we got married we were looking at getting it reversed - now however DH thinks that IVF would be that he sees if he has anything to actually work with rather than going through the pain of a reversal and it not work out. I'm not sure he fully understands how hard IVF is TBH.

Does anyone have experience of either or both please? Particularly of trying IVF without a reversal.


Ohdeargawd Mon 01-Feb-16 14:15:18

Hello - sorry, I really don't understand...surely he would need the reverse vasectomy whether or not you ultimately need IVF? How would you conceive through IVF if he was firing blanks anyhow? How would they collect the sperm? And why put you through IVF if you are probably fertile anyhow? IVF babies (I think) come with their own complications, so if you can do it naturally, much cheaper and safer for you surely?

sparechange Mon 01-Feb-16 14:58:29

If you had IVF, he would have to have surgical retrieval which would be done under a general anesthetic and will cost several thousand on top of the IVF costs (you won't qualify for NHS funding because he already has children)

IVF itself isn't that hard. Yes, it is invasive for a month or so but no more so than medium-risk pregnancy (not that one means the other, but a natural conception doesn't mean you won't have to have internal scans or extra blood tests akin to a cycle of IVF).
Yes, it is mentally draining and emotionally taxing, but so is TTC naturally, so you can't guarantee a 'low stress' option either way.

sparechange Mon 01-Feb-16 15:00:03


IVF babies certainly do not come with their own complications! There is a link between IVF and slightly lower birthweights, but this has largely been overcome by modern techniques which use lower amounts of drugs

Moshikinder Mon 01-Feb-16 16:46:09

Thanks for the info - kind of feeling on my own about this. Most of my friends are having success when it comes to conceiving so it's hard to talk to them about it...I knew it would be more complicated for us but just scared he won't want the reversal in the end.

sparechange Mon 01-Feb-16 18:03:05

Sadly there is no quick fix for him, and even if he had a reversal, it isn't 100% successful so he may then have to opt for surgical retrieval + ivf.

As as starting point, you could go and have a fertility MOT, including an AMH test, to get a rough idea of your fertility. That might give you a steer on whether you can have a few years of trying naturally before needing to get an assistance (which is most likely) or whether it would be better to go towards the IVF route

caramac04 Mon 01-Feb-16 18:12:48

Unfortunately the chances of a successful reversal are not great after 11 years although not impossible. Can you find out the statistics for this? As a student midwife I saw sperm collection under a general anaesthetic and they did get loads of healthy sperm. You are young enough to see if a reversal would work but need more information on the viability of this. It sounds as if you both, quite reasonably, want to avoid invasive procedures but unfortunately at least one, and probably both, of you will have to undergo this. However if you're successful the joy you will feel holding your baby will make it worthwhile. Good luck

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