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Need some opinions on a test result!

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Elli13 Mon 01-Feb-16 07:09:05

What would you class this as? I will get another test soon but im impatient grin with my son I never had anything that faint come up!

LifeIsChaos Mon 01-Feb-16 07:11:49

That's positive

NationMcKinley Mon 01-Feb-16 07:17:39

Definitely positive smile

KitKat1985 Mon 01-Feb-16 13:51:45

Positive. Congrats! x

Iwonderif Mon 01-Feb-16 14:09:31

Big fat juicy positive!! Congrats cakeflowers

MrBensMrs Mon 01-Feb-16 14:15:20

Positive x

Elli13 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:18:22

grinblush thanks all of you!

PagesOfABook Mon 01-Feb-16 21:11:13

Yep definitely positive smile

slebmum1 Mon 01-Feb-16 21:28:08

That's not feint at all! Congratulationssmile

My feint ones you had to squint, hold it a certain way in a certain light and you could maybe, just maybe see something!

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