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Fertility reflexology

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Judylamb Sun 31-Jan-16 09:32:46

I was wondering if anyone had experience of fertility reflexology? We having been trying to conceive for over a year and have been referred to the hospital as I'm a bit older. However, I'm keen to do all I can to try and get pregnant naturally without being poked and prodded too much. Does anyone have experience of fertility reflexology, what are people's thoughts, worth it or not?

Trixietwenty16 Sun 31-Jan-16 16:38:58

Hi Judy, I have been having reflexology once a month for a year now. I find it incredibly relaxing and it has helped to keep my cycles nice and regular/less painful AF. No BFP yet though (but looks like that could be due to something no amount of foot massaging will sort out)

m33r Sun 31-Jan-16 19:44:12

I started reflexology after 19 months ttc and we got our BFP that month. I should add that the same month I had a laparoscopy, Had stopped alcohol and caffeine, was using pressed, and DH and I were on month 3 of conception vitamins and month 14 of SMEP with OPKs. I had also received my IVF date so we really had thrown everything at it that month. My lb is now 10.5 months. Good luck with it all - it can be tough X

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