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Thread 9. TTC#1 The thread where we unanimously delete Ovia.

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StarkyTheDirewolf Sat 30-Jan-16 17:06:51

Symptom spotters, tww - ers, slightly hysterical hormone laden ladies! Regs, lurkers, intermittent posters! Our raison d'etre is 'am I pregnant?' Depending on how much Ovia (Whybird/Ovibitch) has pissed us off/messed with our fw she is either the oracle or a sanctimonious charlatan.

Just a warning, we move FAST! Our threads last on average, about a week before they're full.

Thread 9 , Welcome one and all! Group of weirdos, wee hoarders, covert opk or okp, depending on what your autocorrect decides addicts with a side business in CM management!

We do not judge, we enjoy TMI, we i encourage waiting to poas nobody listens and all the grossness you can find from a group of intelligent, articulate ladies. Fart stories make us laugh, stories about cervical mucus, pooing, cysts and nausea equally welcome.

Post your stats and add your dates. We have a register thanks to kat, I have been dubbed the resident piss stick queen <Starky curtsey and straightens her tiara> loaaaaaads of bfp'ers who keep us positive! We don't have rules, we love a good symptom spot, we try to stay grounded and not be hysterical sometimes we manage it aswell

We like acronyms, we make some up: PET = Proper expensive test. We love the d(h)...which can of course mean 'dearest' or 'dickhead' why, what were you thinking?

StarkyTheDirewolf Sat 30-Jan-16 17:11:11

Queen Starky of the piss stick. Cd17 (average 37-41) possibly ovulating today/tomorrow? Number of opk's done today : 3. Cheerfully banging a hole through my cervical wall with the aid of a much willing dh.

Everybody who wants till their af day gets a Starky's Star star grin

latinata Sat 30-Jan-16 17:19:13

Woop! New thread! Feel like a veteran now :-)

Age 30
TTC #1, Cycle #1
7dpo, testing 3rd Feb when AF is due

IndiX Sat 30-Jan-16 17:29:18

New thread yaygrin
25 y/o
Cycle #2
TTC no.1
Currently approx 8-10dpo, tender boobs, extremely sensitive nipples. Looking forward to testing as feel quite positive this month secretly shitting myself that it will be bfn though.
Happy Saturday ladies!

Kathrino Sat 30-Jan-16 17:29:55

Bloody hell, that last thread didn't last long...

Age: 32
TTC #1
Cycle 2
Currently CD 24. AF due next week but think I ovulated a few days early so probably about 9/10 DPO. I'm holding out for a starky star though starstarstar

Planeteer Sat 30-Jan-16 17:36:29

How fast can we blast through 1000 posts this time?!

29 yo
Ttc #1
Cd 66.
Thought AF was imminent but all quiet again today. Opk's ahoy and hoping for a (v late) surge... Not out yet!

Holly300 Sat 30-Jan-16 17:38:31

Great thread title starky, as always! ;)

Age 31

Bfn frer this morning, very mild AF type cramps on and off, all other symptoms sort of faded apart from gas, bloating and indigestion. Still hoping I'm not out for this month...

twinkydink Sat 30-Jan-16 17:43:17

Another thread, ladies you made quick work of the last one!

Cycle 2
CD 12 (average cycle length 27 days)

I need you all to keep me sane during this 2ww please? With DP away and no one in real life knowing we are TTC you are going to be the ones I come running too!

StarkyTheDirewolf Sat 30-Jan-16 17:46:57

kath I feel like your are well on track for a Starky's Star! 😂 thanks guys! I like thinking up new thread titles! It momentarily stops me obsessing. ..and speaking of obsessing. I did another opk. Anyone want to see?

I think I'm actually ovulating! And am now annoyed that dh has gone to work because I need to dtd again today! Just now is the one on the left, all of today's together on the left! Fixating much?! Hysterical?! Me?! Never!

ElleSarcasmo Sat 30-Jan-16 17:54:01

Woo! new thread! Thanks threadmaster Starky!

Age 34
Cycle 4 (or first cycle of trying, according to DH!)
CD4 of 27-33
FW: anyone's guess!
Temping and going to give the OPKs a better go this month. Mostly hoping we will be able to dtd on the right day as we have been hindered by working away until now...

Snowdog37 Sat 30-Jan-16 17:58:55

Hello again, holy crap this group moves faster than a swimmer after an egg!

Snow aged 37
Ttc #1
Cycle 3 day 9 (of 25) due to pop an egg tomorrow or Monday

Congrats to the bfps and commiserations to the bfn's. I can't keep up!!! Suffice to say I think our group is running at about a 30% success rate which is amazeballs.

I keep looking at baby stuff. I've already picked up cute clothes on my travels. I'm not superstitious, if I see something I like I buy it. If I don't end up with a baby then I'll give it to someone else. Win win.

Looking forward to more babydancing tonight. I'm feeling quite ahem frisky which is good! blushgrin

LaraG13 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:03:52

This thread is insane!! Thanks starky

Lara, age 33, Ttc 1, cycle 3, cycle day 9 - entering fertile week and spending a lot of time with my fingers up my foof examining CM

Jessicajane83 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:06:07

Aged 32
Ttc #1
Cycle. ..absolutely no idea post contraceptive removal. Think I have ovulation pain but not sure. confused

Mileymoocow Sat 30-Jan-16 18:08:53

Thread 9 already? Jesus.

Currently renting my womb to a 3+4 poppy seed after being so incredibly lucky and graduating on cycle 2.

DP just said he wants to have sex tonight then wants me to take a preg test straight after so he feels like he has super sperm...

Pinklily1 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:14:28

Miley, your DH's comment made me choke on my drink, that's brilliant! My OH is convinced he has super sperm, I think it's just a cocky man thing grin

Stats- Pink, currently cooking a 9+1 pecan, feeling like crap but pushing through. I dip in and out of this thread to see how you are all coming along. The grad thread is ready and waiting with open arms for you all as and when you are ready.

Starky - I'd be jumping on board your OH when he gets home having seen those OPKs!

ElleSarcasmo Sat 30-Jan-16 18:21:30

Starky those def look positive from today! Did you manage it yesterday? I'd get on it today if you can!

ZazzlesTheCat2 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:22:38

Yay a new thread, thanks starky.

ttc #1
Cycle #3

Wishing everyone great BFPs

Bananarma Sat 30-Jan-16 18:22:44

Woop woop new thread

Ttc# 2
Cd 22
Cycle 1

Testing Tues or weds I think. Have actually deleted my ovia and moved data over (wrote it all down in a notepad and spent ages getting to grips with Ff) so see ya ovibiatch.

Not done much today had a driving lesson and thought mad thoughts like; 'maybe Ive got baby brain cos I keep getting the gears wrong'. I've become a tad mad with all this baby planning.

You see Dd was a surprise. We hadn't been trying in fact it was the worSt period of our relationship when I found out.
This time I'm going through the motions and it all seems new to me.

StarkyTheDirewolf Sat 30-Jan-16 18:24:14

pink I've just text him to say I'll be asleep when he gets in from work, but to feel free to chuck on up me (to use his vernacular!) We dtd yesterday and today, going for gold and will dtd tomorrow too. But will it be enough! I'm gutted he's at work tonight! Might make him dtd twice tomorrow!

miley your Dh sounds scarily similar to mine! grin I love it!

SpaceDinosaur Sat 30-Jan-16 18:30:37

TTC #1
Cycle 3
Currently on day 8... So another week of "practicing" and drinking until my stupid ovia window.

I feel like my 20's paranoia was all in vain!!!

Snowdog37 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:32:25

LaraG we are cycle twins 😁 Let's compare notes!

We dtd Thursday night, had a break last night (went to gym instead, which won't get me pregnant but will get me fit, which isn't a bad thing lol) but we are going to dtd tonight, tomorrow night and Monday night so fingers crossed that'll do it! Am optimistic that this cycle will work. It's the third. It has to. If it doesn't I'm going to throw an epic tantrum.
In other news, we might be moving to dh's homeland! Very exciting. We have spent loads of time there on and off and now we both feel ready to settle there and have babies.

Feefeefs Sat 30-Jan-16 18:36:00

Cheers starky 'clink'winethanks everyone, hoping for a lucky Feb bus too smile

Sorry about your week Kwick glad things are moving forward for you tho.

Name feefeefs
Age 28
TTC #1
Cycle #3 shock
CD1 the bitch got me!

LaraG13 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:38:14

Yay snow!

How's your CM? mine is watery and there's not a lot of it. I'm eager to get more this cycle so am drinking stupid amounts of water. I'm going to start OPKs tomorrow. DH is primed for fertile week and seems Keener to try harder this month - last month he was all relaxed and didn't want to dtd any differently but this month he's all for upping the effort!

Weirdly snow we are just planning a move to my DH's homeland too! To settle and start our family (fx)

Laurenowls Sat 30-Jan-16 18:47:42

Checking in!! Christ that thread really didny last long!!

Cycle 2 still!!
Ttc num 1
Cd 31 and still going

Still have nothing new to report apart from body being an absolute dick!! Hoping it settles down inthe next fortnight otherwise its a doctors trip for me sad

Evergreen15 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:49:41

Yay starky the top one looks like mine when I got a positive smile
Harriet I am with you. 9dpo and cero fucking symptoms. Quite upset. AF due on the 5th but pretty sure she will show up sad This month felt like the longest month ever, and not over yet
Pug I tell mine because we basically never have sex (once in a blue moon) and I have to work my ass off to het him to dtd on fertile week

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