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Period/chemical pregnancy

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goodenoughal Sat 30-Jan-16 14:28:40

Hello. My AF has just arrived a few days early, around 13dpo. My cycle is not regular so that's not a huge surprise but I've had really full on nausea and sore boobs since about 10dpo - at first I thought the bleeding was implantation but it's definitely too heavy for that now.

So the question is was I pregnant (never did a test) and do I need to know if I was? If I did a test now would my hcg be noticeable? I guess prob not, so I probably won't know if I was pregnant. Which is fine.

It was only our first month ttc so we'll just start thinking about next month, but I'm 43 and I wonder if it would be useful to know if I was pregnant.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

magpie17 Sat 30-Jan-16 14:33:14

Nausea doesn't tend to appear til much later on after implantation and sore boobs are a sign of imminent AF anyway so I would say it's possible, but unlikely that you were pregnant.

There's little point symptom spotting or testing until your period is actually late in my experience.

goodenoughal Sat 30-Jan-16 14:40:33

Thanks, yeah, I know the sore boobs might just have been premenstrual, but the nausea has been really really strong. Of course I know it might just be something else or my mind playing tricks, but I also know it's not impossible to get nausea from implantation (which could have been around 10dpo).

I didn't set out to symptom spot and certainly wasn't going to test till early next week, but the nausea really hit me, which is what made me wonder...

Canters15 Sun 31-Jan-16 18:57:54

How many days have you been on AF? If you do a test it should still be positive.... I had a chemical last month and test was positive 5 days after AF started. I had no symptoms but only tested because I was bleeding so heavily.

It may set your mind at rest that you can conceive, but really that's the only reason you would need to know. I was sadder about my chemical then I expected to be and now I know I can conceive I wouldn't be in a hurry to find out about future chemicals. But that's just me.

goodenoughal Sun 31-Jan-16 20:23:11

Thanks very much Canters. It's been about 3 days plus one of spotting, and yes, it's been heavier than normal for me too. Part of me is interested to know if I was pregnant - my nausea was so strong that if I wasn't pregnant I'd be very confused - but I also wonder if I really need to know. Doesn't help that my DP is away, back tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your chemical - flowers - good luck for future cycles.

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