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Very short cycles - advice?

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MeadowHay Fri 29-Jan-16 17:06:43

I'm 22, DH is 21, we have only been ttc for two cycles and that was after I came off depo-provera which I know can delay fertility returning. So don't get me wrong I know I'm being neurotic considering it's all of that but I can't help worrying. sad Basically me cycle has been 15 days both times, and before I first went on birth control (about 5 years ago), my cycles had been about 14-16 days for at least a year, perhaps longer. So it seems to me that I have been one of those people whose body has gone back to 'normal' straight away after depo considering this is exactly what my cycles were like before - 7 days bleeding (of which days 2-4 are very, very heavy), followed by another 7 days of not bleeding, then repeat. It was awful and was the reason I went on birth control in the first place.

I know really this is very early on in us ttc but this is the same cycle I had before so I think this probably is "me" and not just the depo. Is it worth talking to a doctor or will they just tell me it's too early and there's no point looking into anything? I just feel that given these cycles I may not be ovulating at all and if so I don't see the point in ttc for like a year only to be told that I wasn't ovulating for any of it anyway, if that makes sense? Is it possible that I am in fact ovulating but straight after my period? Me and DH have been dtd but not until day 10, is it possible I'm ovulating on day 8 or 9 and we are just missing it? But then surely it would be impossible for a fertilised egg to implant if I have this much bleeding this often, there wouldn't be hardly any lining to implant into?! Or am I just being dense lol. Help?? sad

MeadowHay Sat 30-Jan-16 11:47:28

Anyone? sad

Sunnydays321 Sat 30-Jan-16 12:19:24

Hi, it could be just the effects of depo, but if this was your normal cycle for a year before depo it seems unlikely. It might be worth getting some cheap opk (ovulation prediction kits) online... You can get about 50 of the cheaply dip stick ones on Amazon for about £7. I would do one everyday of your 1st cycle to try and pinpoint if and when you are ovulating. And also taking your bbt (basal body temp, you temp to 2 decimal points as soon as you wake up) to confirm ovulation. Once you have confirmed you are ovulating you will know if it's a short follicular phase, the 1st bit of cycle where follicles build up, or the luteal phase after ovulation where the uterine lining builds up and egg implants. Both have their own issues. It will help you to dtd at the right time to make the most of fertile window.

I would definitely go and see your GP, although you haven't been trying long (they usually only do tests after a year) if you explain your cycles were like this for a year before depo. There are some herbal remedies (although maybe wait til you have seen go so they don't affect test results) you can try ie b6 lengthens luteal phase, acupuncture etc. there is lots of info on various boards on here. Good luck. X

MeadowHay Sat 30-Jan-16 14:39:52

Thanks, I will look into getting an appt - I am temporarily living in France so I would have to make an appt directly with a gynae, but can only afford one that charges the minimum state cost for procedures so might be waiting awhile for an appt, I don't know. Will also buy some of those ovulating test thingies. How do you take your bbt? blush

Sunnydays321 Sat 30-Jan-16 15:53:32

I bout a bbt thermometer on Amazon only about £3. Take it immediately upon waking, before moving/getting up etc. at same time each day after 3 hours solid sleep. Chart it on an app called fertility friend (free) and you should get a sustained temperature rise after you ovulate.. My charts are a bit odd after coming off pill and cod I'm a rubbish sleeper by you'll get the rough idea from my chart below. Google it and you will get loads more advice/info x

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