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could I be pregnant

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mrsbevo1 Wed 27-Jan-16 23:27:31

Hey ladies,

I'm looking for a little bit if help I'm so confused.

I had a Silent MC I had a D&C in the 23rd December I bled for literally a week and after 10 days the HGC hormone was nothing as my pregnancy test came back negative. We were so desperate to try again.

So, I started using ovulation tests and used the day of my D&C as my fist day of my cycle as advised on here. Ovulation tests were showing negative then 18 days after the D&C the ovulation test came up as positive.

6 days past ovulation I had pink discharge, I was devastated thinking it was my period but it wasn't like a period, it was in and off and pink I didn't even need to wear a sanitary towel as (sorry to be graphic) but it was only showing when I wiped (sorry) so in off for 5 days and end of day 5 it didn't come back. I read this as implantation bleeding as I'm convinced it was.

My period was due last Friday so 5 days ago and still no period. I did a test today and it was negative. What do you think? Too early?

Sorry for the long one I just thought best to out all the detail in.

Yesterday I felt so sick, but today not, I've had horrible taste in mouth, clear discharge, boobs feel heavy (I think) but not sore. (First time around they were so sore) and the last 4 days I've felt so tired its unreal.

I know I'm so silly messing with my dates and trying before my period but I just could wait.

Has anyone had this, could it be too early to test and could it all be in my head?

Thanks so much in advance xx

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