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6dpo, the 2ww is really getting me down!

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EllieM22 Wed 27-Jan-16 20:10:53

Hi everyone. Last month i had a chemical pregnancy. Doctor advised I would be more fertile this month. I am currently 6dpo and desperately not trying to compare this month's symptoms to last month (during which i got my first bfp at 11dpo). I have had hot flashes and lots of white creamy cm just like last month. I had the tiniest amount of implantation bleeding at 9dpo last month so I know this month I will constantly be knicker checking all day from Saturday!

But this month there has been absolutely no nausea. I had it from 5dpo-bfp last time, would it be normal to implant later this month? Still havent felt any twinges.

I am going crazy and each day is dragging! I dont even know when af is due, ovia app says monday but I ovulated 3 days late so I expect it will be due late.

I feel so emotional and down, and a friend has just had a beautiful baby so each time I see photos on facebook I end up crying!!

Anybody else in the 2ww that can help me stay sane?

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