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Stopping the pill and bleeding after intercourse

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lawyeredout82 Wed 27-Jan-16 18:26:44

Hi lovely mums. I stopped taking the mini pill at the end of December and then started straight away TTC #2 whilst using clear blue digital opks. The opks gave a solid smiley on 13th January and we DTD that morning. Then 10 days later whilst DTD I started bleeding. This has never happened before - it was pink and stopped pretty much straight away (there was no fresh blood the next morning and it didn't look like my period). I have taken 4 pregnancy tests already and all BFN - I'm now 13DPO. Anyone had something similar when stopping the pill? I've booked an appointment to see the GP in case the bleed is something more sinister

Jessicajane83 Thu 28-Jan-16 19:47:31

Any post DTD bleeding should be checked. Have you had a smear test recently ?

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