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Anyone purposely hold off to avoid Summer baby?

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Georgia3Rom Mon 25-Jan-16 15:21:27

As a really late summer baby, I really struggled emotionally in school when I first started and then when I finally felt comfortable, I moved up to Secondary School and struggled again, I hated being the youngest so much that I swore I would never have a Summer baby, even Spring puts me off, I'd rather any kids I have to be the oldest/middle in their year groups, so September-February is an ideal time, DH thinks my obsession is kind of weird, no one really gets it, so I was just wondering if anyone else, has purposely held off on ttc to avoid having a summer baby, or does it really not matter to most people?

TheCatsMeow Mon 25-Jan-16 15:26:01

I think that's weird sorry. My baby is a summer baby I'm a summer child it's not been an issue for me.

How can you even plan for that? Your baby could be due in September and be early, you could get pregnant accidentally before you planned to...

Crumbles12 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:26:48

I understand where you are coming from, I have one DC and am pg currently and neither pregnancies were planned around particular months it was just when it happened. As it happened DS was due early September and came a few days late so will be one of the eldest in his class, and my current due date is August. I am a bit worried about the August baby that unless they are very late they will be one of the youngest. But all children are different and you could have a March baby for instance who couldn't cope well with school or an August born who was just ready. I don't think I would stop ttc to avoid certain months.

UmbongoUnchained Mon 25-Jan-16 15:27:13

My baby was due in October and born in August...

Jezebel555 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:30:35

My DD was born August 27th and is one of the smartest kids in her class. she looks three years older than she is actually. But academically she is excelling and she started school aged 4 and ten days

Llindsey85 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:31:53

I was the youngest in my year right through my school life.

I actually really liked it. I felt like it gave me a head start and always felt if I wanted to take a year off or switch uni courses then I would still be with people my age.

It didn't affect my ability in school and I recall being one of the first that could read and the best at maths.

RichardHead Mon 25-Jan-16 15:35:31

Yes we did. Didn't give it a second thought first time round but got pregnant straight away and had an October baby. He'll be due to start school in September and now I'm so grateful he'll be one of the eldest. The reason being he has a few autistic traits, having that extra year is already making a huge difference in his maturity.

Second time around we decided to try and time it in case of any issues again. It didn't happen in the first few months so had a break to avoid a summer born. Then got pregnant on the first attempt of our second go. This baby was due October again but came early in September, so will be one of the eldest.

On the other hand a friend's dc was due October but born August and has always been top of the class.

Georgia3Rom Mon 25-Jan-16 15:45:04

I know I can't really plan for it, babies come whenever they want to but I guess actively trying to avoid a Summer baby gives me a small sense of comfort.

@Llindsey85 That's an interesting way of looking at it, there might be some positives in being born in the summer, afterall.

@Crumbles12 you have a very good point about a child struggling regardless of the month they were born, you don't really know what sort of kid you'll get and how they'll cope.

I honestly thought, a lot of people would agree with me confused but I guess I'm far too hung up on this.

Georgia3Rom Mon 25-Jan-16 15:47:11

@RichardHead I'm really glad that I'm not the only person that's tried to avoid a Summer baby

TheCatsMeow Mon 25-Jan-16 15:50:12

Also being the eldest in your year isn't fun when you're 18 and none of your mates can go to your birthday which will inevitably be in a pub.

Middle of the year is the easiest IMO but I don't think it matters

TeaAddict235 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:50:15

I was trying to avoid a summer baby, but DH didn't get the memo......Hello July baby!

Florin Mon 25-Jan-16 15:55:34

If you have a summer baby you don't have to send them until the term after they are 5. We are looking at sending our summerborn dc into reception when he will be 5 and 2 months.

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Jan-16 15:58:36

I did too, OP so I don't think it's weird. My first two just happened to be born in February and October, but the third one was planned as an Autumn baby.

We actually stopped trying for three months because I wanted to avoid a June, July or August birthday. DH thought I was daft & he was probably right, but it's what I wanted. Baby arrived neatly in mid-September smile

I am aware that we were very lucky in that fertility wasn't an issue & I always got pregnant easily, and I can understand that for others might not want to be so clinical about planning their family.

And obviously you can't plan when the baby will actually be born - my friend was due a week after me, but ended up with an August baby as her daughter was five weeks early.

Technoremix Mon 25-Jan-16 16:04:42

I planned a summer baby because that would be one less year of childcare to pay! I think children can have issues whenever they're born. As it happens my dd was more than ready to start at just 4 and excels socially and accidemicaly. So I wouldn't purposely avoid - I think it's far worse for children to have a dec/Jan birthday because their birthday will always be overshadowed by Xmas.

Shadow1986 Mon 25-Jan-16 16:07:07

Not something I would think about or plan. I was a June baby so quite young in the year I guess but never did me any harm.

I'm now due in June and can't wait to have a summer baby.

Micah Mon 25-Jan-16 16:09:02

I did smile. Not majorly but started trying after christmas with the intention of avoiding a summer baby, but if that's what we got no biggie.

Got a December baby smile. Which is fine for school, but turns out she's talented at sport, where the age groups run by year, so she's always the youngest by one or two (sometimes more) years.

ShootTheMoon Mon 25-Jan-16 16:13:56

For various reasons, yes, I did with DC2, even though DH is an August birthday and has never had any problems.

We were fortunate enough to fall pregnant immediately and DC2 was due in fairly late Sept. He actually arrived on Sept 1st, so he will be the oldest, but he cut it very fine.

A friend of mine was due mid Oct and her child was born on Aug 31st; you really can't control things nearly as much as you think! And many other friends have had fertility issues or secondary infertility.

I think if you are ready for a child, it is generally best just to get on with it and hope for the best. The child could easily have learning delays even if Autumn born, or be very accelerated despite being summer born.

I'm sympathetic because I like to control things too, but month of birth is only a tiny factor in a life, and you obviously care enough to make the most of other opportunities for learning and socialising smile

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