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late ovulation- when shall i test?

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MSHOG Mon 25-Jan-16 14:36:20

Hi everyone,
We have been ttc for 4 months. Iv been using cheap ovulation test strips from the internet and also last month I started using clear blue advance fertility monitor.
I normally ovulate around CD16 of the 31 day cycle, but this month I got 20 high days on CBFM with no peak!! and a peak day on CD 22 on the cheap test strips.

I'm due on my period today and normally have a few days of spotting before, but iv not see any sight of anything yet. Iv taken a preg test this morning and it was negative. Anyone had anything like this?

LuckyinOctober Mon 25-Jan-16 19:48:39

My cycle is 31/32 days based on the last two months, used OPKs last cycle for the first time and got a peak at CD19. My spotting started on CD31, or 12dpo.

Do you know how long your luteal phase is? Average is 14 days, 12-14 is normal. So I probably wouldn't expect AF/spotting or do a pregnancy test until you're more like 12dpo at least, you're currently 9dpo from what you've said so probably too early for either AF or to get a positive - unless you have a short luteal phase normally, which it doesn't sound like you do if you usually ovulate on CD16.

MSHOG Mon 25-Jan-16 20:45:58

I think my LP is normally 14 days.
It's weird that I ovulated so late this month. I'm normally very regular.
Iv been massively symptom spotting and trying to convince myself that I am pregnant.
How long have you been trying?

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