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opk strip negative but LH line far stronger than I expected on day 7. Any insights?

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Werksallhourz Mon 25-Jan-16 12:09:48

This is my first cycle using opk strips. I did my first test at 10am this morning and I am at day 7 in my cycle. My cycle is normally about 25/26 days long.

I am a bit puzzled by the result. Although the LH line is fainter than the control line, so the test is negative, the LH line is a lot stronger than I would have expected for day 7.

I know that small amounts of LH can be present in your urine throughout your cycle, but the LH line just seems a bit too strong for this stage of my cycle.

According to my CBFM a few months ago (I have gone onto opk strips for financial reasons) and my historic data, I ovulate between day 12 and day 14 in my cycle.

Does anyone have any insights?

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