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Temp rise on 1st day of 3 consecutive days of opks, fertility friend saying opks and temps conflicts to which day I ovulate.

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Sunnydays321 Mon 25-Jan-16 10:52:49

Hmmmm ladies, I've posted this on my usual boards to get some advise but wondering if any one else has had this. I'm not sure what's going on. I thought you generally ovulate 12-36 hours AFTER your LAST positive OPK... Ie the LH surge makes you ovulate?

I had a positive opk on Saturday and a big temp rise... Temp sayed up since BUT opk really really dark on Sunday and still really positive today which would suggest my LH is still surging and not ovulated yet. If You are supposed ovulate 12-36 hours after LAST positive opk, why has my temp been high since before my 1st positive opk?? My temps sat Sunday were possibly unrelieble as I had been drinking the night before and temps taken a little late, but don't want to disregard them completely as they were such a big rise.. Almost a whole degree... And it's still high today. This has happened previous months too, where I get temp rise on first day of pos opks. I also have short luteal phase. What's going on with my hormones? Does any one else have this?? Fertility friend says my opks and temps disagree about OV date.

Ps opks in picture: top = Saturday pm (it's dried a bit fainter but was definitely positive). Middle two Sunday (am and pm). Bottom one today am.

Thanks xx

Sunnydays321 Mon 25-Jan-16 18:02:09


Fruitbatyogi Mon 25-Jan-16 18:17:36

I either ov on the first or second day of positive opk, but just figure it's most important to keep Dtd until confirmed with temp rise. It is possible to over think it.

Best of lucksmile

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