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heart warming story about my friend and her battle to get pregnant. for all thinking of giving up, there is always hope

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AmyB1986 Sun 24-Jan-16 11:18:00

My friend was told at 31 she had slim to no chance of becoming a mum. She battled for years with fertility treatments, her marriage broke down and she gave up. After her marriage broke down she went travelling. On her travels she met her current husband. They discussed having children but both knew it probably wasn't going to be possible for them so they moved on from the idea and lived happily for 9 years.
I became her friend when I moved in next door to her. I was pregnant with my second DD at the time and she was born in the January of 2010.
At the beginning of March 2010 my friend had been complaining of feeling sick and tired all the time. I said could she possibly be pregnant, she said no chance she hadn't had a period for 9 months! Told her to go and get checked out at the doctors which she did the same day.
Around 6pm there was banging on my door and my flustered friend almost fell inside! I thought there was something seriously wrong by the way she was falling around.
She shouted at me 'I'm bloody pregnant! Pregnant! Pregnant!' Turns out she had conceived naturally after all the years at 40! She went on to have a lovely pregnancy and a healthy baby girl on January 1st 2011. She's a happy bouncy 5 year old now.
For all those who are thinking of giving up, DON'T! There is always that chance just around the corner when you least expect it thanks

AmyC86 Sun 24-Jan-16 13:14:29

This has just brought a tear to my eye. What a lovely story xx

AmyB1986 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:15:38

It was the best news if ever heard as I know deep down she longed for a baby xx

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