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Ovulation after an early miscarriage

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NorthLady10 Sun 24-Jan-16 06:50:04

I had an early miscarriage on 11th Jan (I was only around 5 weeks), bled for 5 days and that was that, all quite straightforward. I'm wondering what experiences people have had with regards to when they ovulated following an early miscarriage? I've been using the clear blue ovulation dual indicator but all I'm getting is high fertility (flashing smiley) but no peak, even though I'm technically CD14 now if I count from the first day of the miscarriage, or should I be counting from a different date I wonder?
Many thanks

Crumbles12 Sun 24-Jan-16 07:06:49

I'm currently pregnant again after a mc in Nov. My scan gave my dates as conceiving 2 weeks after and they are using the day I started to miscarry as the 'LMP' date. I must have ovulated between day 13-16 ish so it really can happen that soon, I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Sun 24-Jan-16 07:14:20

I was the same as crumbles, I had a MC on 1st September 2014, conceived DD on the 21st and she is now 7 months old. My doctor told me there was no need to wait, and I'm so glad we didn't.

I am so sorry for your loss, and really hoping you experience the same as us and fall pregnant again very quickly x

maybebabybee Sun 24-Jan-16 07:43:07

I had an early MC (6 weeks, only a few days of light bleeding) and got a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after (had already got negative tests previously so knew it was a new pregnancy).

I didn't use opks though as found they never worked for me. I went by my cervical fluid and just generally had a lot of sex. I was temping too so had ovulation confirmed.

Best of luck OP.

NorthLady10 Sun 24-Jan-16 09:36:29

Thank you ladies, that's all good to hear. I'm thinking of stopping with the OPKs as I think I may have started testing too early anyway. I'm all for what will be will be, so will just have to see what happens!
Thank you again for your responses, always appreciated.

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