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Zika, avoid Caribbean if TTC

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dratsea Sat 23-Jan-16 09:59:05

Hi, not posted on conception before and I wish all you who are TTC the best. I put this on Chat and in light of responses there I post the link. Essentially if you get this minor infection in early pregnancy there may be a significant risk of serious brain malformation (microcephaly). The incidence of microcephaly has significantly increased (x100? 134 in 2014 and now over 500 a month) and the Brazilians have found it in the brains of 6 of severely afflicted who died and advise delaying pregnancy to those in NE Brazil where the outbreak in concentrated. Yesterday CDC advised against non-essential travel to Caribbean countries if early pregnancy or TTC. PHE have latest list of countries involved.

You cannot get infected in UK. Like rubella it is a problem only in early pregnancy and likewise it is not a concern if you have had a previous infection. It is not problem and of no concern if you have been to the affected countries prior to conceiving.

pickledsausage Sun 24-Jan-16 07:46:19

Oh that's scary! I'm flying to Barbados next Monday and am currently in my 2ww...!

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