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Sharp stabbing pains 11dpo

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oasis123 Wed 20-Jan-16 19:55:30

hi, I was hoping for some advice. I am 11 dpo and ovulated on day 13 of my 31 day cycle. On Sunday I started getting a pulling niggling feeling around my belly button and since had been experiencing stabbing pains all around my lower stomach increasing in severity to the point that I called my gp this evening. I have never been pregnant before and was wondering if anyone knew if these pains are good sign/ normal or worrying? The pain was bad enough this evening that I was physically reacting to it. Thanks

LuckyinOctober Wed 20-Jan-16 22:58:56

What did your GP say? I had a similar experience on day 24/25 of my 32-ish day cycle, not this time, but on both previous cycles. On the first cycle I was pregnant but later miscarried; on the second I tested negative for pregnancy but went on to have a weird period - weird in that it was 3 days spotting to start followed by 3 days of heavy pink bleeding (my idea of normal is 4 days of red bleeding which is slower on the first day, heavy in the middle and slower again at the end). So I don't know, but from my experience I think my pain was implantation/ attempted implantation which could mean yours is too. My worry is it wasn't possible to rule out that my pregnancy was ectopic - for ectopic pregnancy severe pain is one warning sign (mine bordered on intolerable). Your GP will hopefully have been able to reassure or offer you further care though? Sorry I don't have a definite answer or advice (would have said seek medical opinion but you've done that already) but thought it might help to share experiences.

Jc23071994 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:22:51

Hi all i am 4 days late for my AF due on sun 17th Sunday 17th... I have no signs of pregnancy an no signs of my AF arriving .. Usually suffer from really tender breasts running up to my AF (usually 4-5) days before and constant backache that worsens right up untill my AF arrives.. My boobs have been fine i had a smear of brown discharge in my underwear yesterday morning and nothing since ..( sorry if tmi)  i have also suffered from cramps in my back but they keep coming and going and are no were near as bad as my usual AF back pains... I took a clearblue test monday NEG result ... I have done a repeat test also today also negative!! Wondering whether anyone else has had this problem but had successfully concieved or whether i may just be really late (usually always ontime regular 30 day cycle) any advice on anyones previous experiences with pregnancies.. With baby number #1 i cant remember any symptoms or signs so abit confused... Thanks ?

Jc23071994 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:23:13

Also forgot to mention had some niggly pains in stomach too xx

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