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Anyone had an HSP (Hysterosalpingogram) after already having had a baby, on the NHS?

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Itfellapartinmyhands Wed 20-Jan-16 18:58:25

Hi, I have a 3 year old son - sorry I can't do the abbreviations! - and have since had three miscarriages, one being an Ectopic, resulting in a operation to remove a huge cyst. After my op in July my surgeon told me she'd like to do an HSP to check all was well. This is proving to be impossible as they don't cover it through the NHS. She thinks I need it and is trying to persuade a local clinic to let me have one but they are not helping. I'm considering going private but it costs around £500. Is the procedure worth it? I need to know if there is any point continuing to try to conceive as there's a strong chance I'll have another ectopic. In that case we'll have to go down the IVF route, which is another question!
Anyone been through similar?!

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