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Mid cycle spotting but neg opk?

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stardusty5 Tue 19-Jan-16 18:56:09

I'm confused.

Been using Ovia for over 18mths since I came off the pill to naturally track my cycles, and generally it's been spot on with predicting my periods. Usually 32-34 days cycles. Started TTC last month and first go with ov sticks this month.

Today I noticed spotting bang in the middle of my fertile window. Great, says Dr Google! But every ovulation test I have taken over the past three days, including today is the faintest of the faint. I'm only using sainsburys Cheapos but still.

Which would you trust? Has anyone else had negative ov tests when they are actually ovulating? And yes, I know. I will dtd regardless!!

stardusty5 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:17:32

Bump (or lack thereof....)

BoBo90 Wed 20-Jan-16 18:08:50

How many OPKs are you using a day?

I have been testing early afternoon and late evening. I had some spotting/brown mucus stuff (tmi sorry) and my OPKs were the darkest I've had so far but still not as dark as control line so technically not positive. I'm just assuming I missed the actual surge as it can last for just a few hours so is super easy to miss.

It could be that if you are only testing once/twice a day you missed your positive too but are ovulating anyway. I would trust your body over the OPKs and just doing the deed for the hell of it can't hurt right wink

Jc23071994 Thu 21-Jan-16 12:24:39

Himall i am 4 days late for AF arriving was due sunday 17th Sunday 17th... I have no signs of pregnancy an no signs of my AF arriving .. Usually suffer from really tender breasts running up to my AF (usually 4-5) days before and constant backache that worsens right up untill my AF arrives.. My boobs have been fine i had a smear of brown discharge in my underwear yesterday morning and nothing since ..( sorry if tmi)  i have also suffered from cramps in my back but they keep coming and going and are no were near as bad as my usual AF back pains... I took a clearblue test monday NEG result ... I have done a repeat test also today also negative!! Wondering whether anyone else has had this problem but had successfully concieved or whether i may just be really late (usually always ontime regular 30 day cycle) any advice on anyones previous experiences with pregnancies.. With baby number #1 i cant remember any symptoms or signs so abit confused... Thanks ? also i have had minor stab like pains in mu stomach

stardusty5 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:52:37

I've never been pregnant so not sure sorry! I have had a couple of really long cycles though. Usually around once a year i'll go around 45 days. I figure that those cycles are anovulatory.

Still spotting here. AF not due for another ten days. Third day now. Hardly any at all, only on the tissue. Reading quite negative stuff online. sad

Didn't really expect to concieve first time but now worried that my ovulation is shit. Will try your suggestion of testing earlier next month. I was mainly doing it in the evening

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