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TTC after first Miscarraige? (Newbie)

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GiaRihannaxo Mon 18-Jan-16 23:14:48

Hi all,
Just signed up to this site so im very confused how to use this lol.
Anyway, im 21 years old, and my fiancee proposed to me on NYE, which caught me off guard and i obviously said yes! Thought that was the happiest moment of my life and didnt think 2016 could get any better until i found out last monday that i was pregnant! We were over the moon, started the ball rolling with doctors and work etc, anyway- whilst at work last thursday i had like period cramps, and light bleeding, 111 said to contact my doctors in the morning (the other choice was a&e and noone wants that!) so in the morning i saw i filled a pad (tmi i know sorry) so went to the doctors. They sent me to the Early Pregnancy unit where they took a blood test and did a pregnancy test. Unfortunatley both came back negative, so she examined me but couldnt see my cervix. The doctor said to go back 48 hours later for another blood test to see if my hgc levels were dropping, which they were which obviously ment i had lost our first baby at 5 weeks. We were both distraught. But we both said we will try again as soon as the bleeding stops.
Well today, my bleeding stopped and we are now trying again.
I just wanted to know if its true that you are more fertile after a miscarraige and when would be best to do a pregnancy test as i have no idea when my period should be?

Thanks in advance smile

LuckyinOctober Tue 19-Jan-16 21:58:03

Hi Gia, sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You might find it helpful to join the TTC #1 after miscarriage thread too? I have. Not sure what the evidence is for being more fertile after miscarriage. As for when to test, when I miscarried my midwife advised waiting 6 weeks after the bleeding had stopped then testing if no period yet. Miscarriage can mess up your cycle a bit so your next period could be either earlier or later than usual making it hard to know exactly what to expect unfortunately flowers

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