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Positive opk 3 days in a row

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Aceberry Mon 18-Jan-16 19:19:06


Has anyone had a positive opk 3 days in a row? Do I keep going until it fades blush

raddersmrs Mon 18-Jan-16 20:05:58

Is the line faint then getting darker on the third day?
They say that is a sign that you are about to ovulate rather than actually ovulating

Rememberallball Tue 19-Jan-16 08:25:16

The opk's just pick up the rising levels of LH in your urine which indicates your body is gearing up to ovulate. This can happen more than once in your cycle before you actually do ovulate; and some people get an LH surge detected just before af puts in an appearance.

Has the test line definitely been darker than the control line for all 3 days?

Aceberry Tue 19-Jan-16 17:04:43

Thanks - yes definitely darker than the control line. Yesterday's was probably the darkest but still today it it is darker than previous months. Must be an extra strong surge!

Aceberry Thu 21-Jan-16 14:30:02

Ok - now had 6 days of really dark lines - do you think I'm surging and not ovulating? I am worried as I've been diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst

raddersmrs Fri 22-Jan-16 20:21:28

I'm not sure to be honest... Have you had a look on google? Sorry not very helpful!

JoMalones Fri 22-Jan-16 22:21:29

Any chance you could be pregnant? Pregnancy causes opks to be positive

Aceberry Sat 23-Jan-16 15:42:18

Did a test and had a BFP - am shocked. I then bought a CB and it said 2-3 weeks. I had what I thought was a proper period so a bit in shock

JoMalones Sat 23-Jan-16 18:06:24


Aceberry Sat 23-Jan-16 19:02:15

Thanks - I thought I'd better finish the thread for any future searches

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