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Anyone tried conceive plus lubricant?

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VillageFete Mon 18-Jan-16 17:37:57

Hi all,

Just wanted to hear if anyone has an experience of using this? I have just ordered it as I don't appear to get any cervical mucus at time of ovulation and reading in to it, it appears that you kind of need it for the sperm to successfully get to where it needs to be? Conceive plus apparently helps it swim along in the right direction.

Can anyone confirm this? Has it worked for anyone? Really frustrated now, it's been 17 months and it's just not happening! I have polycystic ovaries but do ovulate some months (more often than not according to my clearblue advanced fertility monitor - blood test has also confirmed I ov) DP's sperm got top marks when it was tested, and I had a hycosy in November which showed no blockages in tubes. Not really sure what else I can do besides eating as well as I can, exercising, and try to be as stress free as possible. Hoping that will all contribute to successful ovulation most months oh and i'm also giving the sperm meets egg plan a go.

MrsC2013 Tue 02-Feb-16 01:33:30

Hi Village!! Was just scanning through the threads and recognised you from our usual PCOS thread. I tried this for the first time this month whilst dtd on the days we were told to by consultant as on Clomid. I get some watery CM but rarely EW, so thought Conceive Plus might be the thing that was missing. Found it nice to use and DH liked it too, so it can't hurt! Will update you on that thread to see if it has worked. Day 21 test Wednesday so will know soon!

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