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What help can I get if struggling TC DC#2?

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NoPlanYet Mon 18-Jan-16 09:25:59

I'm 36, got 25 month old DD, conceived first month of trying.
Been TTC #2 for 6 months, no joy.

Went to GP and he said there was nothing the NHS would do at all as I have a DC. I have quite big fibroids so he said he'd send me to have them rechecked but the reason would have to be fibroid checking, not fertility related.

Firstly is this correct? I'm not expecting NHS funded IVF, but I'd hope to at least get some investigative work done.

Secondly assuming I can scrape together some cash to get tested privately where would be a good place to go/start? I haven't done OPKs yet, will start this month, also will start tracking temp. And making sure we actually have lots of sex over the key time, but I'd like to be pregnant NOW apologies if insensitive, I'm sure we all would so would rather get started seeing an expert ASAP rather than give it another 4 months of sex and peeing on things before I take it further.

I'm in London so hopefully there might be specialist clinics here which are worth the £££ they might charge?

Any advice much appreciated - TIA

Ps also posted this in Infertility

Fruitbatyogi Mon 18-Jan-16 09:54:24

I got told this by GP - but when I asked him to check referral criteria I was entitled to NHS investigation. - even the NHS choices website says you should be entitled to investigation but not treatment for secondary infertility- so my advice - go back and be pushy ask to see the policy which says you are not entitled if they stick to their guns.

CorporeSarnie Mon 18-Jan-16 11:13:58

If there is anything unusual, you should be able to get a referral. When I was TTC #2, I had an early MC, followed by several months of irregular cycles, and was starting to worry about my fertility (various reasons incl. new chin hair, weird bleeding between AF). I had just managed to get a referral for bloods (which were normal) and a scan to rule out fibroids, polycystic ovaries, when I got pg again with DC2. It was 7mo from my MC to BFP (altho seemed forever at the time), so given your fibroids, if your GP won't refer to gyne, I would try to see a different GP at your practice if possible.
Worth buying some cheapie OPKs and tracking temp as an awareness of cycle thing - you may be ov'ing earlier/later than you think and missing the best window of opportunity. Your GP should also consider checking your DH - and any private clinic would def want to do so to get the best chance for you both.

10storeylovesong Mon 18-Jan-16 20:03:50

I had to fight for it but I managed to get the investigative tests done on NHS but they won't fund any treatment.

Figgygal Mon 18-Jan-16 21:00:01

I was 35 yesterday and have a 4yo ds have been ttc for a year now and feeling desperate. My DR tested me last month for hormone levels but I hadn't ovulated.......I can tell this month I have Ovulated but have another blood test on Friday. Dr just seems to take it month by month she has already said we wouldn't get IVF which is fine with me as I don't think I would put myself through it anyway but I will be pushing her for further checks next week when these bloods come back.

Lucinda15 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:05:19

Just to support what the others have said really - in a similar situation. Have one DS (4 yo) been TTC #2 for 11 months. 2 mc's along the way. Even though I was getting pregnant I stil feel I'm getting nowhere. Also having doubts about fertility for a number of reasons, not sure I'm ovulating, concerned about procedure during mc affecting things inside etc etc. Didn't think would get anywhere with GP but thought it wouldn't hurt asking. I requested a female GP and she was really sympathetic. She said they don't normally offer tests at this stage but to ease my anxiety she has sent me for blood tests to check hormone levels/ovulation and a scan to check all ok there. I think it really depends on the gp - request a female, go back and be a bit pushy. If you want to go privately not sure if you need a referral from GP to go private or if u can just go direct - worth discussing with GP as well. Good luck x

NoPlanYet Wed 20-Jan-16 17:59:54

Thanks for replies. I went back and saw a different doctor who booked me in for day 21 and day bloods so I'll make sure I attend those first time round and take it from there.
Good luck to all of you trying. This month we've cancelled all nights out and will do the sex as much as we can bear! Hopefully that'll work, and if not at least I feel i'm taking control a bit now...

VillageFete Wed 20-Jan-16 18:53:05

Noplan I too am struggling conceive number 2, and I lied when I went to see my GP and said i'd been trying longer than I had, felt I had to so I wouldn't get fobbed off. I was entitled to day 21 bloods to check I was ovulating, once that confirmed I had pvulated that month I was kind of left to get on with it, 3 months later no pregnancy so went back to the Dr's and he put me forward for an internal scan at hospital which picked up polycystic ovaries, so I actually don't ovulate every month, only some. When I went for my follow up at the hospital were they confirmed polycystic ovaries I asked about a hycosy (lap and dye) Due to my terrible birth with DD they agreed to it as they too said it was possible my tubes were blocked. To cut a long story short they weren't blocked, so the only thing they can do for me is offer me clomid (makes you ovulate) but it costs around £400. I decided against it as I ovulate most months anyway. Speak to your GP and ask for a scan as you want to rule out PCOS, after that would be a possible hyscosy but as far as I know that's all they offer.

NoPlanYet Wed 20-Jan-16 22:09:28

Thanks for sharing Village - sorry to hear things aren't moving the way you want. I hope one of your eggs catches - sounds good that you release lots at least?!

I guess this is a reason to be grateful for my fibroids - I've already got a scan to chck them booked so presumably they might notice any other issues while inspecting me.
I'll look up symptoms of PCOS too, a couple of friends have it and I think from discussing it years ago I don't have any synptoms, but I haven't thought about it for ages and it might be worth another look.

Anyone got any idea if PCOS signs might be spotted in a trans-vag fibroid inspection?

KP86 Wed 20-Jan-16 22:23:11

Wow, makes me glad I have kept my leftover Clomid tabs from my first pregnancy! Fortunately I fell pregnant first month so I have most of them left, with another year or two expiry.

We are from Aus (currently in UK) and Clomid cost me $30 on script from the hospital. I've never heard such a thing as not helping women fall pregnant second time around, what a load of rubbish. "Be grateful you have one" - FUCK OFF! I bet if men were the ones having babies this wouldn't be a problem!

I had (have?) PCOS, but oddly, since my periods returned when DS was about 8 months old they've been pretty regular and it's quite obvious to me now when I'm ovulating. Gone from two natural cycles in eight months between coming off pill and starting to get treatment to every 5 or 6 weeks.

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