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Where's AF?!

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vgiraffe Sun 17-Jan-16 20:45:03

Not as fun as Where's Wally, unfortunately.

Started ttc in Nov following last AF (beginning of Nov) and nothing since then (about 10 weeks) - no spotting, nothing at all. Possibly ovulated (EWD) beginning of Dec? Have done several tests despite no real symptoms but all BFNs. Went to GP end of Dec who told me to wait another week, as he suspected early pregnancy but still BFN and now first GP appt I could get was ages away (still over a week away now!). Pretty sure I'm probably not pregnant but just don't know what's going on and worried something could be wrong! Have been more stressed than usual but not massively so - could this still be a reason?

LuckyinOctober Sun 17-Jan-16 22:46:29

Could you ask your gp to do a blood test? In my last pregnancy my hcg level in my blood was definitely pregnant while the hospital did two urine tests which were both negative that same day.

Are your periods normally regular? My other query is whether you've recently come off the pill as that can mean your cycles take time to settle down.

vgiraffe Sun 17-Jan-16 23:19:05

I came off the pill in the summer and for the next 4 months my periods were every 4 weeks (last one was 5 weeks).

How far along were you when you got the negative urine tests? It seems too late for that and don't want to give myself false hope sad

I know I need to just wait to see the gp, just feeling really frustrated and a bit worried.

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