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TTC #2 , 33 days since C/P, No AF and BFN, whats going on? when will my cycle return?

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sarahloubee420 Sun 17-Jan-16 11:53:38

Hi there, first of all I'm sorry for any losses you ladies have also had, I had a chemical pregnancy/early loss in December, I started bleeding on 16/12/15 , haven gotten a positive test that morning, the day before, and two days previous. I passed a couple of clots about an inch in size, my doctor referred me in for a scan the next day, a scan and test the next morning revealed negative and that I had managed to miscarry naturally. I was very distraught, this was me and my fiances first month of trying after our little boy whos about to be 1 in Feburary, so I had been chuffed it happened first time round. I only bled for maybe 4-5 days with mild cramping. Ive lost a couple of friends due to their insensitivity, one who accompanied me to the scan and constantly spoke about how she hopes she was pregnant, when she had a negative test and has the implant (so def wasnt), then when i commented about how i was losing one as she spoke and she was being rude and insensitive, blew up and left me alone outside the hospital, sent me a barrage of abusive messages! My family who know and fiancé havent been the most supportive, so I'm just finding it difficult to cope with nobody to talk to, I've been counting down the days to AF and she has yet to show sad its now day 33, we have been trying this month with docs consent, but all ive had is BFNs this week, though this would be the last day i would normally expect AF.. Is there anyway this early loss has delayed my ovulation or maybe skipped one completely? Im running ragged, crying all the time at random moments, I started a new job this week and have been trying to occupy myself with that but I'm still desperate to be pregnant again! Little background info is I'm 20, my first born was born 2/15 and by c section, I dont know if this hinders me either sad Any advice , stories , anything! All replies welcome, please!

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