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Is waiting before ttc (metaphorically) killing anybody else or is it just me?!

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nataliefruit Sun 17-Jan-16 10:05:46

Hi there,

My husband and I have been talking about ttc late this year after I (quite surprisingly) became very bloody last year but I gotta say the wait is killing me! It's all I can think about & I know I should be using this time to knock a few things off the pre-baby list (lose weight, travel etc) but I just want to start ttc now! It's making me quite moody actually. We've got a Baby bucket list holiday planned for November so realistically I know we can't try but I guess it's just getting to me a bit at the moment. Is it just me?

LemurFingers Mon 18-Jan-16 20:16:33

Hi Natalie. I feel similar. I would love to now but money/health wise it isn't a great idea - an accident would be a happy one but it would cause a fair bit of stress too.

I just started a thread on here about pre ttc lifestyle changes.

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