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Ovulation help!

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Hazelnut1 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:46:49

Hi Guys

I need some help! I have been trying to conceive for four months now, which isn't that long, but I am just getting very confused at my OPK results and wondered if anyone more knowledgeable than me could provide some advice.

I am using the clear blue dual indicator ovulation tests.

Month 1: Blank circle on day 7, PEAK on day 8. Seemed very early, so after two days when it had reset I tried again. Day 11 blank circle, day 12 flashing, day 13 static smiley. Not sure which peak was real?

Month 2: Blank circle on 7 and 8, peak on day 9.

Month 3: Blank on day 8, peak on 9.

Now as I keep going straight to peak and I have been told the first time you test is always blank, I tried going a bit earlier to see if I would get any flashy smileys.

Month 4: Day 6 I tested (finished period day before) and went STRAIGHT to peak. No blank circle. Why would I ovulate so soon after my period? Also according to the instructions I shouldn't have tested so early as I have a regular 30 day cycle. Because of this I have tested every day since, I am not on day 10 and have had constant blank circles.......

Are these ovulation tests as reliable as they make out? Is it possible to ovulate so early and have a 30 day cycle? Has anyone else had so many blank circles in a row? I am confused :-(

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