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Will a pregnancy test work in late 1st / early 2nd trimester

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BabyDubsEverywhere Fri 15-Jan-16 18:00:42

I know this sounds crackers, and I have searched and searched so I wouldn't have to ask but I cant find anything! blush

I have quite a few 'symptoms' and this would be my fifth (if it is anything at all!) and I feel like I did before... but my DH had the snip last year, and we haven't had sex for months, so it is HIGHLY unlikely and we would both go into major panic if I was...

I have ordered some tests, they come in the morning, I just wondered if they would work? To rule out more than anything tbh so I can go to the doctors and find out whats going on with my body!


AreWeCrazy Fri 15-Jan-16 19:20:59

Yes they would. But it's almost impossible that you're pregnant by the sounds of it.

Could it be peri menopause?

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