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dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 07:46:38

What does this mean? Which test is it? I think I have a very faint line 1 day late on a cheap home & bargains test and looking on past threads people advise a frer test ? Just want to know what I am looking for in the shop!

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 07:48:33

This is the faint line though seems stronger after almost an hour

honeysucklejasmine Fri 15-Jan-16 07:49:33

"First response early result" available from all supermarkets and chemists.

honeysucklejasmine Fri 15-Jan-16 07:50:25

That's not a faint line btw, it's very clear.


BunchOfBobs Fri 15-Jan-16 07:51:07

FRER= first response early response. Superdrugs own brand sensitive ones are also good. Unfortunately you can't trust a line that came up out of the time frame. Try again in the morning with one of the recommended test. FX for you.

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 07:52:46

Thanks - the line was faint within the 5 min time frame don't worry I'm not trusting it now!! Will try the first response early response and possibly super drug too!! grin
Need to know if I can have a glass of wine tonight!

ProbablyMe Fri 15-Jan-16 07:58:32

Even if the line was feint within the test time it's still positive!! You only get a line of it detects hcg and you only get hcg if you're pregnant. Test again if you just want the pleasure of seeing darker line (and it is wonderful!) but I think congratulations are in order!

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 08:00:45

Oh crumbs!!!

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 08:10:46

That's a happy but shocked oh crumbs!! grin but will test again!

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 15-Jan-16 08:23:10

There's no way that's not positive! Get a FRER for extra confirmation, but congratulations! All my early tests got stronger over a bit of time, there's an explanation for it floating around somewhere. As long as there was any sort of line within the time frame - POSITIVE! smile

Frusso Fri 15-Jan-16 12:09:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarkyTheDirewolf Fri 15-Jan-16 12:38:50

I'd say that was a positive. I've used the b&m tests and I have to say the evap can be pretty dark/visible especially outside of the time frame. But that is VERY dark and pink, which is usually an indicator of a strong positive.

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 13:28:14

Ok - no first response of any kind so I have the super drug early test ones. Now just waiting to need to wee !!! (Maybe I am not pregnant grin ) will report back !

dylsmimi Fri 15-Jan-16 14:39:36

Super drug early response -

Epilepsyhelp Fri 15-Jan-16 14:49:14

Definitely a line!! Congrats flowers

FourForYouGlenCoco Fri 15-Jan-16 15:05:13

No question there! Congrats again grin

Mimilicious013 Sat 16-Jan-16 06:06:40

Congratulations !!

GameOfGroans Sat 16-Jan-16 06:21:37

Congratulations! That is a clear positive smile

dylsmimi Sun 17-Jan-16 21:48:22

Thanks everyone!! Dh and I are in shock I think!!! smile best ring the Drs this week then!! Wow! Excited but shocked - this is our third and a 'well let's just see what happens but we may not have another so let's not get our hopes up' baby!! grin

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Sun 17-Jan-16 21:54:54

Congrats smile

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