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Day 21 Progesterone levels did not confirm pregnancy - but positive pregnancy test??!

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oneconfusedchick Thu 14-Jan-16 22:30:30

Ok. So this has been bugging me for the whole of my pregnancy. I'm sorry if this is not the right area but I'm pussled how the below is possible...

I had been trying for DC2 for a while with long irregular cycles so I asked for some blood tests.

I had a CD21 test. My dr called to say it could not confirm ovulation (she didn't say what the progesterone score was).

I then had a CD28 test. She called maybe 1/2 days later to say that the test had come back with very good levels of progesterone so I had ovulated.

On a hunch I went and bought a pregnancy test. This came back positive and I am not 38 weeks pregnant.

It's just been bugging me how I could have gotten a positive pregnancy test if i only ovulated max approx 7 days prior to positive pregnancy test?!

Is it possible I could have actually ovulated prior to or on CD21?

Reason I am also a bit miffed is if I did in fact only ovulate Between CD21 and 28 then my pregnancy dates could be a bit out.. Might explain y I had to be induced with my first As maybe someone who simply ovulatea late?!

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