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Two full periods 10 days apart?

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AhAgain Mon 11-Jan-16 00:14:12


Posted on the General Health forum and no replies, so trying here. I am TTC.

On 30th Janaury - on schedule (I have regular periods of about 28 days) - I started my period. It seemed more "watery" than normal, but there was significant fresh blood and I didn't doubt that it was a period. The only odd things were that it was quite watery (ie a lot of discharge that wasn't pure blood) and that my breasts were unusually full (haven't been like that since breastfeeding DS) both during and after my period. I had no other pregnancy symptoms at all (I have been pregnant twice before - one ended in early MC - and knew each time before BFP, my symptoms were obvious). Still, because of my strange breasts, I took a pregnancy test at CD6 JUST to make sure - it was a very clear BFN.

Then on the morning of CD10 (yesterday) I went for a wee and had quite a lot of blood (definitely vaginal) - just like full flow period. This continued yesterday (significant blood on a pad) and today. The blood is fresh and not watery. Oddly my breasts are distinctly less full and tender now too - much more normal.

Any ideas what has happened? Am I still CD11 now or actually CD2 now?

I had two (smallish) ovarian cysts removed 3 years ago and was told that I have endometriosis. Haven't had any trouble with either, though (apart from occasionally acheing left ovary). I am almost 42, but no sign of irregular periods before.

I have an appointment to see the GP on Tuesday, but am wondering if anyone has any insight as to what this could be.


DizzyNorthernBird Mon 11-Jan-16 09:19:28

Chemical pregnancy? I've not had one myself so can't give you any advice on what they're like. Hopefully your GP will sort things out.

AhAgain Tue 12-Jan-16 08:15:21

Thanks for the reply - not getting any others.

I would have thought I would have had a BFP - no matter how faint - of it had been any form of pregnancy? Will see what the doctor says. Hopefully will get a gynaecologist referral.

AhAgain Thu 14-Jan-16 00:24:58

GP thinks it may have been a chemical - maybe I tested too late (almost a week after my odd/false period started) and HCG had already dropped. Regardless she thinks it is hormonal.

"Wait and see" - hopefully things return HK normal. If they don't, over the next 5/6 weeks, then go back and she will refer.

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